Tradition 1 Year Of Beatdowns!

31 men came out to help celebrate 1 year of existence of Tradition!  Unfortunately the man who led the first workout, @Skipper, could not be there.  So Mr Belding and I decided to have a little fun!

The Thang = 1 year of memories!

Wam up(Mr Belding)

  1. 15 x SSH
  2. 15 x MC
  3. 5 x Burpees
  4. 15 x Wacky Jacks – Who could forget these!  Thanks @Man Down!

Mosey to the Flag

(Dingo) One workout that was developed at Tradition and has become a monthly regular and a test/measure of fitness is Old Glory!!  One lap of Old Glory it is!

  1. Run to first corner – 20 Merkins
  2. Run to 2nd corner – 20 Jump Squats
  3. Run to Pull up bars – 10 Pull ups
  4. Run to 4th corner – 20 WWII situps
  5. Run to Flag

(Mr. Belding) Mosey to the daycare

  1. Lunge walk the length of the parking lot
  2. 20 CDD’s
  3. sprint back to other end

(Dingo) Mosey back to Church parking lot

Prisoner Merkins 1-10.  – These were NOT a crowd favorite a year ago and were not popular again today!

Mosey to pull up and dip bars.  The Pax built these and what a great pain inflicter they are!

  1. 10 x pull ups
  2. 10 x dips
  3. 10 x pull ups
  4. 10 x dips

(Mr Belding) Mosey to corner of the Church.  The four corner workout is definitely a popular one for inflicting pain!

  1. 10 x The Squirm – Pharaohs all time favorite exercise!
  2. run to next corner
  3. 10 x Bobby Hurley – A Mr Belding favorite!
  4. run to next corner
  5. 10 x lbc
  6. run to next corner
  7. 10 x Merkins
  8. run to next corner
  9. repeat

Mosey to big parking lot for Mary

Pax led Mary with their favorite exercise.  Seems like we just did homer to marge the whole time??

The 1 year old moleskin;

  1. It has been a great year at Tradition!  Thanks to everyone who has shown up to workout, Q’d a workout and for all the behind the scenes stuff.  You guys are awesome!
  2. Tomorrow night we are meeting at the Carolina Ale House at 7:00pm for some celebratory brewskies!  See you there!
  3. Thanks Dutch and M-Dutch for the awesome Tradition flag shovel flag!!
  4. Keep rolling guys!  Lets see what we can accomplish in another year!  Keep EH’ing, there are many men out there who need F3!


64 thoughts on “Tradition 1 Year Of Beatdowns!

  1. Dingo Post author

    Congrats on a year Pax!! A year ago I did not want to leave Highlands to start up a new AO. Today, I am so glad that we did! You are an awesome group of men and I am proud to call you my friends! You make me a better man.

  2. Dutch

    Mr. Belding and Dingo – great workout with a trip down memory ” pain lane” – I started in June so I missed the first workout – surely it was memorable though with skipper at the helm… was funky bunch spouting off then too? seems like he has been doing it for a year … or longer :).

    So appreciate the leadership and energy from you early pioneer leaders- it’s been said that quality of leadership impacts the whole of the group – so kudos for your leadership and impact within all 3 elements of F3. Looking forward to more of all 3 in the coming year! God bless!

    1. Dingo Post author

      Ha know……Funky was very quiet for a long time. But once he got comfortable, he sure made up for lost time!

  3. Dutch

    PS – the flag is ornamental only – not to be used on landscaping jobs. Glad you like it!

    1. Man Down

      Awesome work on that flag @Dutch and M-Dutch! The M must REALLY love the stamina you have built up in F3 to invest her own creativity in that! 😉

        1. The Farm

          Haha me too. What was the name of that one ab workout Dutch had us do where we looked like dying fish flopping around the parking lot?

  4. FunkyBunch

    Congrats Pax!!

    Thanks to the original Highlands Pax that defected to Tradition when it was started. (Skipper, Belding, ManDown, Dingo, Magma, Jelly, Kemosabe. I think that’s everyone)

    Some of you guys I knew before F3 and over the last year it has been a pleasure to get to know you all much better.

    For the guys I have gotten to meet and get to know because of F3. Thank You! I still find it amazing that what was once a group of strangers has tuned into a group of friends that support and inspire each other’s a daily basis.

    I’m very proud and honored to be a part of #TRADITION

  5. LawDawg

    Congrats @TraditionPax. You guys have a great thing going. Stay strong and support one another.

  6. Forgotten Jelly

    Great beatdown today @dingo and @mr belding. I enjoyed it. I’m glad I was at the first tradition workout and am happy I stayed with it after we moved to the Highlands. Great group of men to be a part of. As funky said, I’ve made some lasting friendships that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Looking forward to the next year and what it has in store for us.

  7. Forgotten Jelly

    One other thing, I think we will need to make the Prisoner Merkins 1-10 a more regular part of our workouts.

  8. MrBelding

    @pax- what a blast this morning! I really enjoyed being able to be a part of it. I’m glad we were able to get a lot more “greatest hits” than we realized. The squirm, voice cracking, @pongo in his native language, Homrer to Marge, Bobby Hurleys, etc.

    Also- we went up that Prisoner Merkin ladder, but we never came back down…

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      That’s right, we didn’t go back down. Now we are all stuck up there until the next workout.

          1. BlindDate

            I’m the Q on Thursday morning so that sounds like a request from Jelly to do the prisoner merkin ladder back down. Might be a good way to finish the 1 year celebration.

  9. Gangsta's Paradise

    Well done @Dingo and @MrBelding! This was a great way to honor the year at Tradition that it has been.

    I remember coming out for the first workout (I was there too @Funky haha) at Tradition, and seeing the dedication that it took to grow this into what it is now. I love what this group stands for, and I think @Pharaoh said it best when he said this group is creating leaders. I couldn’t imagine doing some of the things I’ve done without the encouragement of F3. Thank you brothers! #Tradition

  10. Trail Mix

    Aye, thanks to all you leaders who blazed the trail and helped make #Tradition what it is.

    @Dingo, @Belding, enjoyed the workout! Though, I was really hoping ONJ’s number would get called in Mary for some J-Lo – that should have definitely made the greatest hits… Maybe next year.

  11. MrBelding

    @majorpain has definitely add a few “hits” this year. Its a shame we didnt add in some of his material this morning. I think hes in a motel parking lot somewhere now yelling, “sun’s out, guns out!” and “bicep curls get the girls!”

  12. Man Down

    Great Anniversary beatdown @Belding and @Dingo. Thankful for the investment you and many others have made to Tradition F3 (and now Precinct as well!). Bring on Year Two!!!

  13. Pharaoh

    @Pax – this had been a great year working out, meeting everyone, making friends, being inspired, getting to Q, sharing my faith, seeing people develop into leaders, seeing people get in to great shape. I am so much better for this past year! Thank you to all of you who have posted in the past year, or Q’d and especially to all the leaders of Tradition and Precinct! I am indebted to you all…not to the point that I will be buying tomorrow evening but still indebted.
    Thank you,

  14. FunkyBunch

    Aye Pharaoh!!

    I would also like to pile on the Tclaps to Dutch and M-Dutch for the effort put in the flag. That is a great representation of #Tradition.

  15. Guinness

    @Dingo, Thanks for all you have done In the last year for @F3Tradition. It was a great anniversary celebration beat down this morning with you and @MrBelding.
    @Pax, I started with Highlands but I was glad that @TraditionF3 started when it did. I am a honored to be associated with such a great group of men. I look forward to what the next year @F3Tradition will bring – including many more men joining us.

  16. Forgotten Jelly

    Let’s get some t-claps going. Click the t-claps button at the end of the backblast.

  17. Man Down

    First time I’ve ever gotten a “slow down, you’re posting too fast” warning on this site!

  18. Colonel Mustard

    39 comments, you guys are a talkative bunch. If a brother would have known about the 1 yr I would have made my way over. T-Claps men on a great year!

  19. Icicle

    @Dingo and the original @Pax that started it all, congratulations is been an awsome ride since I came here some months ago, you guys are really great at making people feel like home and making everyone felling good at every workout,thanks for letting me be part of it.@F3 nation @tradition strong @The Precinct.

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      You’re a key part of our group too Icicle. Hope to see you tomorrow night at Carolina Ale House.

  20. Maximus_MECA

    Thanks to all. Been great since I started posting. Better shape and fun listening to all the jokes. Nice friendships too. Great leadership by many. I just Tclapped – got the number to 11 Jelly. A really amazing group. I’ll look forward to working out throughout next year and getting in better shape and younger (physically anyways!).

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      It’s guys like you Maximus that keep me going. As I’ve said before, I hope I’m able to do the stuff you are doing at these workouts when I’m 60.

  21. The Farm

    @Original Tradition Pax, thanks for stepping out of your comfort zones by heading to Tradition from Highlands. I feel like I’m a better man by being a part of our crazy group. I don’t think I’ve been to one workout where I haven’t laughed about something someone has said or done. The workouts are great but the way I’ve been inspired by you guys to be the best person I can be is priceless. It does feel like home!

  22. Prison Fruit

    Aye! I had been praying for a change in my life back last summer, July/Aug/Sept. Had job troubles going on, troubles at home, losing faith in almost everything; but continued to walk by faith, steadfast in prayer over it, believing He would bring me something, help me someway; I will say, F3 came at the right time, and everything that F3 entails, Fitness, Faith, Fellowship, and He answered my prayers. When @noH sent me the link and I watched the video on “what F’s about”, I got pumped, and a little anxious/2nd guessing the idea(because I hadn’t worked out in probably 4 years)…but none the less, got excited about an opportunity to be around some other men, get in shape, and fellowship with, A BLOCK AWAY! It’s been a great experience ever since I took the challenge and came… Rock on PAX brothers; that’s kinda my @F3story!

    *I know you shed a tear over there @FunkyBunch, because I know you have a soft spot in you; You don’t have to be such a hard ass all the time

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      We should have a #Tclaps button for comments. I’m glad it’s been so good for you prison fruit. It’s been fun getting to know you.

    2. FunkyBunch

      Thanks for the compliment. I do have a soft spot it’s called my torso.

      Keep it up Brother!!

  23. GentleGrizzly

    @PAX – Thanks for such a great group to work out with. I have done my best to EH so many people (Trail Mix, Triple Threat, Moonshine) and will continue. Every time I drive by the Anytime Fitness near BiLo on my way to Tradition in the mornings, I just want to go in and tell those guys to get in the car and follow me! I have enjoyed getting to know you guys and can’t wait to be back in full swing after the knee surgery. I’m getting there. I’m glad they closed Ridge Road last year and I made the switch to Tradition. I’ve been challenged and made better by you guys! AYE! #Tclaps

  24. Jonathan Blain

    @PAX – Thanks for letting me be part of your family, it’s been a great few months.
    I look forward to a hard and impactful year of F3 camaraderie culminated by a second anniversary workout.
    I would love to get a copy of the group picture or the go-pro video if it is available.

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Who’s Jonathan Blain? I can’t believe that someone would pick such a normal name for F3? Is this Field of Dreams?

  25. Skipper

    Wow, talk about late to the party, 60 comments deep already! Bummed that I’m out of town this week. Looks like you had a fun morning and hopefully many will post for tomorrow nights festivities also (I hear @Pharaoh is buying). There are many men to thank for the successful inaugural year of #Tradition, but there is one Tasmanian who I would like to single out…Funky Bunch!

    1. Skipper

      Damn auto correct! Of course, I meant @Dingo. He is a leader among leaders who has driven the #Tradition ship since Day 1. Ahoy Dingo!

    2. FunkyBunch

      Thanks Skipper. That’s the first nice thing said about me all year.

      …..and it was a mistake.

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