F3 Mission Trip: Epic Peru 2015

In partnership with Sports Friends

WHO: Up to 12 F3 men from Charlotte Regions

WHAT: A cross-cultural collaboration between two faith-based organizations with a shared passion for spreading the Gospel and using sport to build relationships and community.

WHEN: September 18-27, 2015

WHERE: Peru (Inca Trail…phenomenal…look it up!)

WHY: Blast all three “F” in epic fashion.
A Sports Friend Epic Trip is the opportunity of a lifetime to combine your passion for God and adventure. This trip offers participants a chance to engage in SF’s ministry in Peru and also to tackle the Inca Trail, one of South America’s premier physical challenges.

HOW: Registration Deadline is March 31st.
Send emails of interest to Wes Barry (agonyf3@gmail.com) for registration details.

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Peru boasts one of the most sought-after physical challenges in the world: trekking the Inca Trail, which finishes at Machu Picchu. In just 26 miles (43km), the Inca Trail manages to combine beautiful mountain scenery, subtropical jungle, and a stunning mix of Inca paving stones, ruins, and tunnels. Starting at about 9,000 ft. (2,750m), the trail climbs to a peak elevation of 13,780 ft. (4,200m). Machu Picchu, the mysterious “Lost City of the Incas” built in the 1400’s, awaits trekkers at the trail’s conclusion. SF Peru staff and ministry leaders will accompany participants on the physical challenge. This shared time is designed to help participants create bonds with our team leaders and learn more about their heart for this ministry.

Up to 12 F3 men from Charlotte will spend 7 days together on a journey of learning, coaching and impacting lives. Sharing is the experience of life is the essence for fellowship and this promises to be an epic experience!

As God has continued to bless and grow this ministry, SF has most recently begun to launch its efforts within South America. Beginning with Peru in 2012, we are excited to see how God will use the universal language of sports to transform lives on another continent. SF’s vision is to mobilize a movement of Peruvian churches to use soccer (and other sports) to engage young people, many of whom are disconnected from the church.

In Peru, Epic Trip participants will have a chance to partake in and serve SF sports ministry programs. Visiting a weekly SF program will help participants better understand how the SF ministry model works on an ongoing basis. F3 will also have an opportunity to teach a group of coaches strategies for creating challenging physical workouts without using equipment.

Other Information:

  • Participants must be physically fit
  • This trip is for F3 men only, 18+ years of age; 16+ if accompanied by a parent
  • Participants will be required to obtain the mandatory immunizations for travel to Peru
  • Trip Cost: $3,500
    (Entire trip cost is tax-deductible. Potential scholarship opportunities through Above and Beyond. Inquire with interest to Wes Barry – agonyf3@gmail.com.)

3 thoughts on “F3 Mission Trip: Epic Peru 2015

  1. Hootie

    Have traveled with SF on several occasions to East Africa. You are in good hands. This should be an epic trip.

  2. Colonel Mustard

    Looks like an awesome trip. I will be traveling to Haiti the week before but I keep this one in mind for future years. I will pray that you have 12 men that HC for this event.

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