Soccer goal pain stations + some

19 of MECA’s finest posted for a chilly and invigorating beat down today on the somewhat frozen tundra at MCC for last call. YHC picked up the Q at last minute for a chance initiate some pain at soccer goal stations this morning.

Here we go: Disclaimer

Mosey to open parking lot area for :


BLIMPS: 5-30 reps: Burpees, Low Lunges 10 per leg, ISW, Wide Stance Merks, Plank Jacks, Squats

Quick mosey to the somewhat frozen soccer field for 4 corners of pain – Using the soccer goals as pain stations the PAX enjoyed a 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 ladder.

Starting out with a suicide run to the end line -mid line – end line and back then to Pain Station 1 ( PS1) : Carolina Dry Docks then run backward to:

PS2: for Low and slow squats then Karaoke to:

PS3: for offset arm Merkins then run backward to:

PS4: for Jacknives or V Crunches – then repeat with a suicide run then back to PS1… up to 20 then back down.

Mary from the 12 to wait for the 6 to finish up.

Mosey to the outhouses for peoples chair with each PAX taking a turn running around the frozen terrain.

Mosey to the big hill for  a potential hill climb — but called an audible with the frost like conditions…

Partner up at the bleachers for the 300 reps per partner team: 100 incline merks, 100 dips, 100 decline merks, while other partner runs to blue Frisbee – for 5 sumo squats then run back … switch.

slow mosey to opposite parking then a JAILBREAK call out to pkg lot for Mary – mostly led by the Pax

LBC – Dutch

Urlacher –  Homer to Marge or variation therof

Major Pain – Low Flutter

Glock – Squirm

Conchito- Merkins without end!

Smokey – Circle Merk

Missed one?



Naked moleskin: – great push by all today men – good push by all on the pain station ladders and team work on the partner 300.  Always a great group to be a part of!

Remember to get your sign ups completed for the Mud Run – by EOD today. Thanks for the reminder Bos.

Go Ruck – get signed up for this one too if interested. see info from Weazel Shaker e blast.

4 thoughts on “Soccer goal pain stations + some

  1. Dutch Post author

    Men – thanks for the opportunity to pick up the Q – endless opportunities at this AO to delivery a pain-full workout. enJOY the weekend and the week ahead!

  2. Prison Fruit

    2nd Saturday beatdown in 7 mos since becoming a part of F3…a well reminder to me why I fartsack most weeks…but most importantly, a well reminder to me why I need to come more often. #getstronger good beatdown Dutch! Thanks

  3. Hammer

    Dutch, great beat down today, I loved it. Certainly warmed up quick. #onsetofpain.

    Missed one in the headcount, we had 19. Sound off.

  4. Buckwheat

    Solid beatdown, @Dutch. My hamstrings are hurtin for certain this morning from all those squats! @Conchito: Impressive on the merkins at the end of MARY, especially considering we partnered up for 200 incline/decline merkins just before Mary. It’s great to see the progress you’ve made in a short time! #keepgettingstronger

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