Your homework is to finish Round 4

4 dedicated arrived at Stallings Road Park on 14 wheels (ahem, looking at you Casper…) for this week’s installment of Harrisburg Iron.

SSH x15
Slow Air Squats x10
Incline Mericans x10

The Thang
3 round of 10 exercises; perform each exercise for 40 seconds, AMRAP (as many reps as possible), with a 20 second rest in between
KB Goblet Squat
Mountain Climbers
KB Chest Presses
KB High Rows
KB Goblet Step-ups
KB Alternating Mericans
KB Outhouse Curls
KB Bentover Rows
KB Alternating Clean/Press

SSH x15 in between each round.

With a little time to spare, we did an extra half-round, hitting every other exercise. The pax can complete the rest at home for extra credit.

Round Robin Mary
Low Flutters w/KBs pressed x20 (Gamma)
KB Alternating Mericans 40sec (Casper, because he just didn’t get enough of ’em)
Mason Twist w/KBs x10 (Clueless)
LBCs w/KBs x15 (Ribshack)


1. Thanks for joining me this morning. I may have been a little slow after 3 days in Vegas, but this workout was exactly what I needed.
2. Casper may need a right-side tire change after his park entrance this morning, but he says he’s not missing KBs. He’s got a fever, and the only cure is more kettlebell.
3. Eliminate “illness” from a list of possible things that could slow Clueless down. It’s becoming a very short list.
4. Tclaps to Ribshack for continuing to push the limits and using a heavier KB more often. The 40# is in your future.

Pax tibi,

4 thoughts on “Your homework is to finish Round 4

  1. RibShack

    @Gamma- as always, the highlight of the week. Thanks for returning from Sin City just to spend time with us in the Gloom!! (sorry brother!!)
    @Pax- enjoyed the chatter & the good work by all!

    1. Gamma Post author

      Thanks @Ribshack, great to be back.

      Also, tclaps to @TheMagnificent on his first Q over at Acceleration.

  2. Casper

    Great work as always under you leadership @Gamma. after last weeks arriving a minute late, wanted to be positive I was there by at least 6:29. Can I use the black ice excuse for coming in on two wheels?

  3. Clueless

    Great to have you back on the right side of the country @Gamma. Solid workout this morning! Those higher reps at 40 secs take a toll after awhile. I’m going to try the ‘kid’dlebells for the homework.

    @Casper will be ‘making gold records’ in no time with that prescription.

    Good, fun chatter this morning fellas… enjoyed it!

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