Snow Shovel Derby

Three men entered the gloom, shovels in hand, despite Mother Nature’s slippery, white obstacle…



Two men grabbed shovels from the Field of Dreams flatbed and went to work on the ASEC sidewalks, entrance and surrounding parking lot.  Third man runs up to the rock pile, grabs a rock, and knocks out 10 Russian Reps (deadlift, curl, overhead press, squat, reverse skullcrusher, back to a deadlift), then runs back to the church entrance and grabs a shovel.  Second man takes off for the rock pile.  Alternate this for about 40 minutes.


Jack Webbs (we climbed the ladder from 1 merken/2 air presses to 9 merkens/18 air presses)

Mountain climbers x 25 (IC)


Light crowd this morning, but to be expected.  By the time we were done, we had all the main walkways cleared of snow.  Also got our heart rate up a bit during Mary.  Thanks to Grover for picking me up along Church St on the way in this morning.  No way my Camry was gonna get to the AO, so I jogged it halfway till Grover caught up with me.

Good work, gentlemen.

/Exit 54

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    1. Exit54 Post author

      Thanks, Hootie. It wasn’t the most strenuous workout we’ve had in Concord – still rewarding though.

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