Snow Day

11 of Harrisburg’s toughest (and wettest) men came out on a slushy/snowy morning that turned out to be a wet (and stinky, a la Hootie) one.

The thang:

Warm up:
Run around parking lot
SSH x20
Windmills x10
Curb Merkins x10
Air squats x20

Mosey over to the wall for some circuits:
Set 1:
People’s Chair x10 count
Peter Parkers x10
SSH x10
Air Squats x10
Merkins x10
Run across field and back

Set 2:
People’s Chair x12 count
Peter Parkers x12
SSH x12
Air Squats x12
Merkins x12
Run across field and back

Set 3:
People’s Chair x14 count
Peter Parkers x14
SSH x14
Air Squats x14
Merkins x14
Run across field and back

Set 4:
People’s Chair x16 count
Peter Parkers x16
SSH x16
Air Squats x16
Merkins x16
Run across field and back

Set 5:
People’s Chair x18 count
Peter Parkers x18
SSH x18
Air Squats x18
Merkins x18
Run across field and back

Set 6:
People’s Chair x20 count
Peter Parkers x20
SSH x20
Air Squats x20
Merkins x20
Run across field

Mosey to rock pile, choose a rock/stone/boulder for some reps:
Set 1:
Overhead press x10
Tricep extension x10
Air/rock squat x10
Curl x10
Pass rock to the right

Set 2:
Overhead press x12
Tricep extension x12
Air/rock squat x12
Curl x12
Pass rock to the right

Set 3:
Overhead press x14
Tricep extension x14
Air/rock squat x14
Curl x14
Pass rock to the right

Set 4:
Overhead press x16
Tricep extension x16
Air/rock squat x16
Curl x16
Pass rock to the right

Set 5:
Overhead press x18
Tricep extension x18
Air/rock squat x18
Curl x18
Pass rock to the right

Set 6:
Overhead press x20
Tricep extension x20
Air/rock squat x20
Curl x20

Mosey back for MARY:
LBC x15
Crunchy frog x15
LBC x15
Mason twist x15

1. Thanks for the chance to lead – always a pleasure.
2. Hootie – great to see you out, despite your foul odor!
3. Apologies on skipping Mary under the portico – I was dazed and confused from the laughs by the rock pile. Good stuff – between Hootie’s gas and Bull’s alternatively named exercises, that was fun. #mantalk
4. Everyone have a great and safe day.

7 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Hootie

    #Cobains to the PAX for the intestinal gremlin that was with me today. Something about posting in the snow brings Gizmo to life. I believe it has now been eradicated.

    @SunDial…you handled the mumble chatter like a champ. Now go buy yourself a watch. Hands down the best thing invented in 1868. You ought to check one out. And you are no longer allowed to Q in the winter months. You’ve surpassed your quota of workouts on slushy fields.

    See you on Saturday…I know you can’t wait.

    1. SunDial Post author

      Haha, Gizmo!

      Agreed on the watch – funny that I’ve never owned one. Must have developed that habit back in middle school, when all I used to wear (before jeans and boxers) was sweatpants and tidy-whities!

      I need to hang around Queens more often…maybe I can find a bargain watch like you!

      Seriously though…what would be a good brand/model that can log miles (for road warriors, BRR)? Just something basic- don’t need bells and whistles, and can be used.

  2. Clueless

    What a slushfest! Thanks for the lead @SunDial! The milking/feeding of the caressed rocks was a highlight for sure.

  3. Casper

    Great simple watch with clock, timer, and alarm if needed to know when about 6:10 to head back is the Timex Ironman……Takes a lickin, keeps on ticken……Nice, wet lead today. I was so hoping we were going to head to the entrance to the school and not the side after warm up. Drivers seat should be dry by Saturday or so.

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