Not the “fun” snow….

15 snowmen posted for a very squish, wet, snowy beatdown.      The Q didn’t show, so we did some people’s choice tabata!

Mosey to the Outback

20 x SSH

20 x IST

“Hey? is that Mario running down the road?” “MARIO!!!”

“Who’s that other guy also running?”

skipper joins us.  But little did we know it was a diversion tactic!  He managed to get all our backs turned, the 8 Precinct men unleashed snowball Armageddon!  Then they joined us for Tabata.

20 seconds as hard as you can, 10 sec rest x 8

various exercises call, dips, squats, lbc, reverse crunch, pull ups, Mummies, jump squats, lunge, merkin, WWII Sit-ups, low flutter.

while Tradition did Mary, the precinct ran back to their AO.

The Moleskin;

  • Lots of discussion on how disappointing the consistency of the snow was.  Very, very slushy……gonna be a mess…..
  • lots of discussion on throwing up at workouts,  and what that means……had to be there……
  • huge Tclaps for posting today men!  15 guys!  13 more than I expected!
  • We even had an FNG!  Welcome Steve!
  • oh……can someone tell Striker to take off his pussy pants!!  #justsayin

18 thoughts on “Not the “fun” snow….

  1. Chicken Strip

    Thanks for organizing the tabata @Dingo. I hate I made it late to The Precinct to participate in the snowball ambush. The snow really slows your pace.

    Seeing the footprints in the snow knowing I wouldn’t be working out alone made the 6.7 mile round trip run to The Precinct and then Tradition well worth it.

      1. Chicken Strip

        Ya, I was really worried I’d wipe out on the run back right in front of one of you guys as you drove home. I even helped a guy get his truck up the hill on Saxonbury.

  2. FunkyBunch

    Way to go ChickenStrip. 6.7 in the snow. I agree seeing footprints in the snow keeps you from turning around.

    Well played Precinct. We didn’t see it coming. Of course we assumed you all would have fartsacked anyway.

  3. Trail Mix

    Thanks for letting us crash your workout. @Precinct pax, well-executed ambush – just like we drew it up…
    TClaps to all who posted this AM!

    1. Dingo Post author

      Twas very well executed! I turned around after the 1st snowball crashed into my back and it took me a few seconds to realize what was going on!! #snowshock

  4. Man Down

    Great showing by all…except Striker. Something about a late movie, dead phone, power outage, blah blah blah.
    Enjoyed it guys!

  5. Forgotten Jelly

    Enjoyed it guys. It was fun to get out there and play in the snow. Agreed that striker needs to take off his pussy pants. Step up brother. We miss you out there.

  6. Prison Fruit

    Aye! Good times this morning in the snowslush, although my grocery bags over the feet didn’t hold up well! We Definitely pulled an audible workout/ambush, and it was well worth it! #Tclaps to whomever nailed me right in the back of the head with their final snowball on the way out, #payback and #niceshot! I don’t feel my Virgin Q, was virgin enough… Because I do happen to be an expert on sneak attacks; I’ll have to schedule again…

  7. Skipper

    Ahoy! A fun and sloppy beatdown by all! Good thing the #Precinct men ventured over to #Tradition, otherwise I think the Traditioners would have spent the whole 45 minutes under the shelter cover #embracethesnow.

    @ChickenStrip – What happened to you at the end? I was expecting you to run back through Brownes Ferry with me. Oh well, glad you made it back safely and T-claps for the effort to join us today!

    1. Chicken Strip

      Sorry I missed you, I stuck around at the church for the final tabata, which proved to be interesting (see Dingo’s moleskin above). It would’ve been nice to have the company, I was dragging on the way back. I did stop to help a guy get his truck up the hill on Saxonbury. Next time it snows I’ll be sure to meet up with you to run over, I don’t think that’ll be something I do everyday though, haha.

  8. The Farm

    I hate that I missed this. I was up, dressed, and ready to go when I was asked not to go. That’s twice in one week. I think the valuable lesson here is I need to learn how to sneak out without making a sound so she doesn’t wake up. Also, can we please start some sort of GoFundMe account for ChickenStrip so he can sign up for some races??? #fast #strong

    1. SSMinnow

      There’s a free race on Mondays at 0515, starts at Kohl’s parking lot … would love to see you out there @ChickenStrip

      1. Chicken Strip

        Haha, that was a fantastic sell. The Farm might be over selling me but I’ve heard what they say about running with faster men. I actually showed last Monday before realizing it was Monday Murph. Hopefully I’ll see you this Monday.

  9. Guinness

    Apology to Tradition Pax:
    I was up for Q on Thursday and I assumed that no one in their right minds would be there. Clearly, I was the one who was not in my right F3 mind and I made the wrong assumption. It won’t happen again. You guys are inspirational and I apologize for fartsacking. Take away for me: F3 is really an all-weather activity. No, really.

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