Snowy Junkyard Dumbells

The PAX was 21 strong on a wintry weathered, late February morning.  YHC decided it would be beneficial for everyone to snuggle up with some brake rotors and axles to stay warm.  It went something like this:


Mosey through parking lot to backside of school, high knees along the way.

Circle up for:

Windmill x 15 (all but Chowder who insisted on starting with SSH)

SSH x 15

Cotton Picker x 15

Merkin x 15

The Thang:

Pick a hill for 7-1 ladder: jump squats at the top, burpees at the bottom.

*snowfall picks up, keeps us from overheating*

Mosey to bus lot where the Pax is greeted by an array of car parts (axle shafts, brake rotors, alternators, and a couple spindles)

Split into 4 goups:

Group 1 does: Curls x 15 & Overhead Press x 15

Group 2 does: Arm raises x 15 & WWII situps x 15

Groups 3 & 4 run to basketball goal for Air Squats x 15

-1 rep each set

Rotate, rinse, and repeat until 0608


Mason Twist x 15

Dr. W x 7ish (Shoutout to @F3Denver SVU for introducing this one to YCH, safe to say we have not yet perfected it…)

Freddy Mercury x 15


Winter Wonderland Moleskin:

T-claps to all for braving the weather and coming out for my virgin Q.  It was definitely an honor to lead and I look forward to many more.  I saw several of the PAX with great form for the weights while others were just trying to figure out what the heck they were holding.  Thanks for continuing to push me to be better, stronger man.  Don’t forget to stretch today men!



9 thoughts on “Snowy Junkyard Dumbells

  1. The Nanny

    @Grinder Well done on your initial foray into Q world! Not sure I have ever seen a virgin Q have to put up with as much #mumblechatter as you did today. Way to power through. My favorite #mumblechatter was in re: to the fact you were not putting away all that cotton you were picking…ask me about it tomorrow at the Cruise.

  2. Grinder Post author

    Safe to say I still have a few things to learn… such as maybe it’t not the best idea to try out a new 8 count mary exercise on your VQ. No complaints about the mumblechatter, I expected nothing less.

  3. Colonel Mustard

    @Grinder – T-claps brother for taking the step to Q this morning. The first one is the hardest but I will say the rest are not easy. You learn something new each time you lead a group of men in the gloom. As for the #mumblechatter, well… as you said, it’s expected.

    @Nanny – So what is your next move, @Grinder has one uped you on weight day with car parts instead of plates and dumbbells. What’s next?

    @Chowder – I knew I could count on you for a little #mumblechatter.

    My A** is still cold @Grinder, making us get on our backsides on the frozen frosty pavement. What’s wrong with you?

    1. Grinder Post author

      ahh c’mon, we’ve got all summer to be hot, embrace the cold like @Google did with his snow angel

  4. Charmin

    @ grinder – I certainly did not expect to be shoulder pressing rotors this morning. Great way to mix things up. Been a long time since i have done shoulder presses. I needed it.

    @ google – Thank you for not dropping a 20 pound rotor on my foot during the transitions. Appreciate the assistance.

  5. Google

    @Grinder. Thanks for stepping up to lead this AM. I enjoyed the diversity, trying to figure out how to hold the rotor and do a curl while not dropping it on @Charmin’s toes was a challenge. Way to put up with the Mumble Chatter…The PAX(errr Chowder) always turn it up during a Virgin Q.

    @Charmin – back at you! Thanks for the push!

    @Nanny (or logo police) make sure you get that picture posted.

    Posting to my first cruise post PCL tear tomorrow. See you in the gloom!

    Google (AKA… Snow Angel)

    1. The Nanny

      @Google Check out my tweet from this morning – it had the picture of your F3 logoed snow creation.

  6. Gordo

    @Grinder, thanks for the great work out this morning. You had a nice and big crowd on this wintery morning. Well done!

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