Funky with some snow…

Funky Bunch led 15 men at the Tradition AO on this snowy morning. He conveniently had to go to work early this morning, so I volunteered to do the backblast. Any complaints are to be directed to Funky.

– Stretches and more stretches (said something about tired of hearing about injuries)

The Thang
– Started at Portico and split into 4 groups
– Group 1: Ran to white fence for Derkins x 15 and WWII situps x 10
– Group 2: Ran to outback, bunny hopped up stairs, pullups x 10
– Group 3: Ran to tot-lot, pike x 15, squats x 15
– Group 4: Stayed at Portico and did various exercises
– Rotated for a total of 2.4 miles

– Finished with sprints around church

– Great push by all today. It was fun doing a beatdown in the snow, even if it was a light snow.
– It was surprising to see just 1 #respect today. Usually us no respect guys are outnumbered. I’m guessing this means that the #respect guys are pushing the rest of us to post again.
– It was good to see 15 out at tradition. Keep posting to those of you who haven’t been in a little while. Remember, it doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.

5 thoughts on “Funky with some snow…

  1. Dingo

    You forgot to mention that we had only 1 #respect at Tradition today?? I thought the world was going to end!!

    Nice workout Funky!

    Pom Pom – glad you made it out finally! Sorry I wasn’t there to give you a better name……

  2. FunkyBunch

    Thanks for letting me lead today. It is always an honor to be out there with you men.

    FJ thanks for the help on the BB.

    I hope you all liked this workout. Last time we did it it seemed more organized. Maybe cause this time we were missing all the wisdom of the #respect crowd.

    Gazelle way to push Brother. Everyday you come out you are getting that much closer to full recovery.

  3. BlindDate

    Great work by everyone.

    Funky – Those pikes were no joke. I may be sporting a 6 pack if we do those more often…then again, probably not.

    Kudos to Sensei to being the lone #respect out there today.

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