22 strong showed up for today’s beatdown.  Great to be back leading a Saturday beat down!  Good to see some faces I haven’t seen in a while.

The Thang;

Mosey to bus lot

  • 20 x SSH
  • 20 x IST
  • 20 x Merkins

Pharoah takes over for some stretching – Thanks buddy!

20 x SSH

Mosey to picnic tables and partner up

  1. P1 does AMRAP dips

P2 runs to end of parking lot and back

  1. flapjack
  2. P1 does AMRAP decline merkins
  3. P2 runs to end of parking lot
  4. flapjack

Mosey to school entrance

  1. P1 people’s chair 1 min
  2. P2 lunge
  3. flapjack
  4. P1 peoples chair 1 min
  5. P2 sumo squat
  6. flapjack

mosey to lower parking lot

Serpintine through parking lot

  1. Wheel barrow up lanes
  2. partner push down
  3. 10 x merkins at top
  4. 20 x lbs at bottom
  5. all the way to the bottom
  6. back up do the following
  7. run down lanes
  8. backwards run up lanes
  9. partner get ups at bottom
  10. partner throw downs at top

mosey to rail and plank walk along rails

partner merkins on bike racks – AMRAP

Partner dips x 20

mosey to field – 3 x sprints length of field.



  1. Tradition 1 year anniversary on March 4th at Carolina Ale House, 7:00pm.  All welcome!
  2. Run the creek 5k – March 21st
  3. Mud run April ?


3 thoughts on “Serpin”tine”

  1. Man Down

    @Dingo, great lead! It seems like you’ve Q’d a workout every day since you got back from Tasmania! You tryin’ to make up for something? 🙂
    @Pharoah, thanks for the stretches. With multiple strained leg muscles, I definitely need to be doing more of that!
    @Mud, enjoyed partnering up with you. Solid effort!
    @ChickenStrip, you may owe me a full meal, but I’ll settle for a beer sometime!

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