Year of the Goat by Drop Thrill

Here is a thoughtful article by Drop Thrill from CLT-South.  He reflects on what his first year in F3 has meant – and continues to mean – to him.

Year of the Goat by Drop Thrill

As my one year anniversary in F3 quickly approaches the end of March, it’s one of those times that writers like to wax nostalgic and tell you all about achievements and all such nonsense.

I really won’t bore you with details like fifty six pounds lost so far, hopefully sixty or more by end of March.  Or races run, or GORUCK’s completed.  Again, not going to bore you with those stats, and try and toot my own horn.  OK I guess I just did, but I know I haven’t gotten here alone.

What I do want to share is just some encouragement to my brothers.

No Man Left Behind is many Pax’s slogan and they truly live it.  I’m usually the #six at most workouts but there is almost always someone that comes back and checks on me or runs with me and I’m always grateful to not be left behind.  We all say I Am Third, but it’s another thing to live it.

I think of a brother who on a whim decided to run with me at the Joe Davis 5k just because he saw I was running alone.

I think of going to my first Metro workout, knowing no one except the site Q from Twitter and finding the brothers cheering me on as I ran in for COT.

I think of my first post, the end of March 2014 when I was sucking O2 and these guys were telling me I was doing great, even though I knew better.

A few weeks ago I was down on myself for always being last, always being the six and always feeling like I had so far to go to improve.  Then someone told me about Gnarly Goat’s previous story about The Goat or the Anchor Man from the Naval Academy.

You see, in the Naval Academy everyone is ranked, just like most schools.  And the person that comes in last place is lovingly nicknamed The Goat, or the Anchor Man.

It would be easy to look at the last guy and think, wow he’s slow, wow he’s not very good, and wow he came in last place.  But that’s not quite true is it?

The Goat is last place in the NAVAL ACADEMY.  These guys are the best of the best. These guys will go on to serve our navy and our country in amazing ways and become leaders in their communities.

So last isn’t really last, when it’s last among the best.  The best are still the best, even if your worst of the best, you’re still one of the best.

Then that brings me to F3.  Many of you guys are really amazing athletes.  You run fast, are strong and I never see you sucking wind unless you’ve been carrying me across a football field or something along those lines.

It’s easy for me, the six, to get discouraged, but when I realize that I’m among some of the best, even to be the worst of the best, is still the best.

F3 is changing lives, families, communities and yes even the world.  We are all the best of the best, and even the worst of the best, is still the best.

Never forget about the six.  Never forget how it felt to be a FNG and feel like you were going to die that first workout.  Always look out for the slow guys, or the guys that aren’t as advanced as you are.

I’ve taken a different view on being last these days.  I’m looking out for the Pax now.  I’m looking out for the six, and making sure no one is left behind.  Funny how when I focus on others, the pain of the workout lessens, and my joy increases.

Thank you brothers for the many, many ways you have invested in my life this past year and I look forward to paying it forward in 2015 – The Year of the Goat.

2 thoughts on “Year of the Goat by Drop Thrill

  1. Gnarly Goat Post author

    Thanks for this article Drop. There is no doubt that perseverance and sheer tenacity are core traits of the USNA Anchor Man/Goat. Acknowledging that determination and effort is one of the best moments of USNA graduation day.

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice article Drop Thrill. It really resonated with me. This week marks my 1-year anniversary with F3 and I feel that I am a better man because of F3 and the brothers I now have. It’s an incredible experience when you meet a guy in a social setting that you’ve never seen before and realize you are both F3. From that moment on I feel like I’m connected to this person. That’s the power of F3 to me.

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