Can you say sandbag?

Four of Harrisburg’s finest posted for some speed work in the 9 degree gloom. The chill was gone after the first warm-up lap.

The Thang:

1 mile warm-up

2 x 1200m

2 x 800m

2 x 400m

1/2 mile cool-down

Naked Moleskin:

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning, men. I am really enjoying seeing you guys push your limits in the new speed workout.

@BBQ and @TheMagnificent … very strong work….I saw quite a few lead changes ahead of me on those 1200m and 800m repeats

@UneasyRider…what can I say, but sandbag….where did that last 400m lap come from? …. #smoke!

@UneasyRider, @TheMagnificent…glad to have you two on the @F3Harrisburg BRR15 team…you will flatten those mountains

2 thoughts on “Can you say sandbag?

  1. BBQ

    @SS Minnow – thanks again for the lead. I would have had plenty of excuses not to post today. Glad I didn’t fall for them.

    @The Magnificent & @Uneasy Rider – nice to see you guys post for Acceleration. Next time though we can do without the single digit temps. BRR’15 is gonna be good.

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