We have merlot spillage

6 Tradition men came together to experience a bitterly cold day.

Mosey around church
– SSH x 12
– IST x 12
– Cotton Pickers x 12

The Thang – Partner Up
– 1st Partner runs stair loop
– 2nd Partner does – (This was done as a team)
– 50 Burpees
– 150 Merkins
– 250 LBC
– Side straddle hop while waiting for the 6

– 30 yard sprint (15 down and back)
– 20 jump lunges (10 per leg)
– 30 yard sprint (15 down and back)
– 15 Merkins
– 30 yard sprint (15 down and back)
– 10 Burpees

Indian Run around the church twice

– LBC x 20
– Homer to Marge with 10 counts
– Circle Merkins

– Thanks guys for joining me at my 1 year celebration of F3. It’s been a great year.
– Hope you are doing alright Chicken Strip.
– Good to see you back out there Gazelle.

11 thoughts on “We have merlot spillage

  1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

    Great push out there everyone. I wanted to make sure we kept moving this morning. It wasn’t as cold as it was supposed to be, but it was still pretty cold out there. Sound off below.

  2. Dingo

    Congrats on 1 year Jelly! It’s been great getting to know you and thanks for all of your contributions to F3! You are a crucial part of the team.

    Enjoyed the workout today, you kept us moving which definitely kept the cold thoughts out of my head.

    @Gazelle – thanks for partnering up with me! Keep pushing brother! You will be back to pre injury form in no time! Posting today was a huge step!

    @Funky – I feel like we are gonna hear about Freddie Mercury for a loooong time………

    @ONJ – I was really angry when I saw your car pull in before mine……Inwas hoping that only Jelly would be there and we could slip off for coffee instead! You seem to have gotten a lot stronger in the last month or so! What’s your secret?!

    @Chickenstrip – I was very surprised to look up and see you spilling merlot! I got kinda hungry thinking about chicken strips and wine…….

  3. Dutch

    Jelly. Congrats on your first year anniversary. You’re definitely one of the consistent Pax and Q !
    Enjoy working out with you, maybe I’ll beat you one of these days on the 10 to 1 Hillclimb at MCC!

    Sorry I missed your workout, I am out of town hope you can make it to my anniversary Q in June

  4. Chicken Strip

    That’s what happens when you take a week off and work out in the cold weather. It always gets me. @Forgotten Jelly Glad I was able to make your anniversary memorable and pay tribute to you. Thanks for partnering with me and pushing me too and for a great workout.

    Good to see you again @Gazelle!

  5. Skipper

    @ChickenStrip- Nic tribute to @FJ on his anniversary! That’s true F3 friendship!

    @ForgottenJelly – Congrats on a strong 1st year!

  6. FunkyBunch

    FJ good Q this morning. (Of course I was in favor of coffee instead. )
    Congrats on 1 year brother. Your dedication and consistency is a huge source of accountability for me. I know that hot or cold rain or shine (but not icy) you will be there. Keep it up FJ.

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