Freeze Tag and other childish games

Five of the most dedicated Highlands Pax came out for a frozen beatdown!

Mountain Climbers x 10
Freddie Mercury x 10
SSH x 10
Mountain Climbers x 10
Freddie Mercury x 10

The Thang
Freeze Tag –
First Round:
Guess a number that Bling has in his head.. .Nanny chose closets to the number “2”. He was “it”. Pax took off at 10 second intervals in loop around parking lot. Nanny had to catch us and “freeze” each Pax member yelling out an exercise for us to do until everyone was caught or there was just one person left. First round winner was Chowder.
Second Round:
Chowder, as winner of first round was “it”. Pax took off in five second intervals this time (10 seconds was way too hard). Second round winner was Nanny.

Mosey to Portico
Bootstrap asked “…is it shield time?” No! It’s time for Frozen WIB!

Frozen WIB
Station 1 – Burpee’s x10
Station 2 – Maker Pushup’s x20
Station 3 – LBC x 30

Repto x 3

Mosey to bus lot
10 pull up’s OYO

Mosey to Middle school door
SSH x 20

Mosey for Mary at portico

Pax Choice Mary
Homer to Marge
Pretzel Stick
Few other’s I can’t recall

Fun times in the cold. Interesting that those that showed were HC for BRR! Great to workout with a small “intimate” group.

3 thoughts on “Freeze Tag and other childish games

  1. Chowder

    Good stuff this a.m. @Bling. Kept the HR up and never felt the freeze (but definitely felt those man-maker merkins!)

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