Dingo gets Funky!

As I walk/ran the mile from my house to the Tradition AO, I passed Pongos house(no lights on), passed Raptors house(NLO), Funky’s house(NLO), Dutch’s house(NLO).  But I was still excited to see who was gonna be there to workout in this winter wonderland!!


As I tucked my tail between my legs and started home, I saw in the distance a beautiful sight!  An F3 shirt running towards me!  My spirits soared!  Though I was looking forward to getting back into the sack……..

Funky rolled in and we came up with a simple plan, as neither of us were scheduled to Q today.

The Thang;

AMRAP multiple exercises for 1 minute at a time.  Too many to remember.

The Moleskin;

1. It was cold!

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