El Dorado Partner Tag

13 men started the week off on a real strong note with some non-stop running and stair climbing ahead of the expected snow and ice.

Here’s the deal:

Run to #El Dorado

When you arrive, go to either the bottom of the mine shaft or to the bottom of STH depending on your arrival order…1st, 3rd. 5th, etc, arrivals go to the bottom of the mine shaft…….2nd, 4th, 6th, etc arrivals go to the bottom of STH

Early arrivals do burpees OYO until the six arrives ….. #keepalevelplayingfield

When all the Pax have arrived, and on YHC’s signal, run to the top of your respective stairs and head across the top deck toward the top of the other stairs.

Say hello to the first Pax you meet from the other group….he will be your partner for this game of tag

Tag your partner, then return to the bottom of #El Dorado along the same steps you came up

Meet your partner on the bottom floor, tag and keep running in the same direction back to the top (note: this tag must be made on the bottom floor…if you reach the bottom of the steps that your partner is descending before your partner gets there, wait on him, then tag and go!)

Run till you meet your partner again…tag and reverse direction, then run back down the same way you came up

Repeato till 6:05…..remember: reverse on top tags, and keep running in same direction on bottom tags…….keep track of your total number of tags…the #El Dorado Partner Tag Team Title could be yours!

At 6:05, Pax meet at the base of #El Dorado

Then AYG left in the tank back to the parking lot

Now go take on the day

Naked Moleskin

Thanks for the opportunity for my virgin #El Dorado Q. I think the pairings worked out pretty evenly. I did not see anyone waiting for their partner to exit the stairs.

@Frodo and @The Nanny took an early lead and never looked back! 35 tags! That’s strong  running and step climbing, men!

@Grover…I enjoyed partnering with you. Look forward to some BRR training together this year.

I am not sure who else was partnered together, but I saw strong efforts by 100% of the Pax this morning.

The pile of jackets, gloves, and hats at the bottom of STH (in 26 degree weather!) attested to the sweat you men were generating!

3 thoughts on “El Dorado Partner Tag

  1. Frodo

    Great Q, Minnow. There’s just something about a “No Upper body” El Dorado that really gets you ready for a Monday. I would suggest we implement a rule that there is no upper body in any future El Dorado beatdowns. Do I have a second? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

    @Nanny – Great push this morning. It was actually nice to work with you and be on the same team instead of going against you. I like you much more when you’re on my team than when I’m trying to hold you off or run you down.

    @Chowder – You’re a machine. You looked so fresh at the end of that workout!

    @Law Dawg – Way to keep moving and pushing through. Never stop putting one foot in front of the other. #KeepPounding

    @Grover – Did you spend a lot of time waiting on Minnow? Everytime I saw you going up the stairs, it was all out, powerful, and fast.

    @Ironhide – Welcome to El Dorado. It only gets more fun from here.

  2. The Nanny

    @Minnow Ditto. Nice format. I thought it would be aerobic and it was but I found my legs could not keep up with my cardiovascular system. It was almost a weight workout for the lower body. It was also a TON of stairs – rough one on the knees today – all those double step “downhill” legs….

    @Frodo I was thinking about the same thing – but also thinking that we both get more out of the workout when we are not teamed up…. I like trying to chase you down 🙂 It augments my weak mental fourtitude (see what I did there) where I cannot push myself as hard as I can be suckered into chasing you.

    @Kato Lots of focus in you this morning. Laser beams coming out of your frickin eyes man.

    @Law Dawg As a man who carries more muscle around than I, today was an Einsteiniam sucker punch. Takes a lot more energy and cardio capacity to get you up those stairs than Featherweight Frodo and Marginal Minnow. I thought about that each time I saw you. Well done.

    @Ironhide Virgin El Dorado post. Great to have you out there. This is a workout that pays big dividends.

    @Indy Why do I have a bad feeling you are going to be leading again soon and will bring those blocks out again. And this time you will provide “instructions” that will prevent me from using the Nanny One Arm Carry. I am not looking forward to it already.

    @Bling BRR training!! You will be begging for more mileage at the event. Begging I tell you.

  3. LawDawg

    Thanks for the kind words guys, no doubt today was a tough one for me. Of course I made it harder on myself with not posting as much lately! It was good to be back. Somehow the cold is much worse in your mind that it is in reality and you never regret the workout once you get there. Almost forgot how cold it was this morning.

    Props to @SSminnow. Strong lead.

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