3 Men for a 4 square SWAT + a PBR

3  of Tradtions finest showed for a nice pre winter storm work out this morning.

Warmorama – mosey- around church

SSH, CP, IST, WM – all x12 IC, then arm circles forward/back

4 Square workout – with a 5-10-15-20-15- 10-5 ladder

Corner 1: KB swings – then rack KB to

Corner 2: Sumo Squats (IC) then arm extensions w/ KB to

Corner 3: Clean and Press – each arm – then rack to

Corner 4: Chest press  – then arm extensions to Corner 1

Repeato- up and down the ladder

Good timing for the circuit and we had time for a few MARY

LBC, Low Flutter, Freddy Merc.



Naked moleskin-

Good to see R2D2 riding his bike up to the tradition, knowing YHC had an extra KB waiting for him upon arrival. The mighty Maximus showed up as well for a great start to the week!  Great 2nd F as well this morning gents! Thanks for letting me pick up the Q – always have something floating around in my head just in case we have a Q gap.

PLUS we added a bonus feature with the PAX….. A PBR—- Post Bell Run.

All three pax were up for a mosey to the business park and back for a nice cool down…. getting prepped for our next Murph or Old Glory!


2 thoughts on “3 Men for a 4 square SWAT + a PBR

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Looks like a good one Dutch. I went to mettle and no one showed. Ended up doing something in my living room. I plan to come to Tradition next week for the Murph and will keep coming to Tradition for SWAT. I will just need to leave early each week because of work.

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Thanks Dutch for a nice workout. It was fun. With the chatter the time and cold was barely noticed.

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