Pre-blast: El Dorado Partner Tag

Kohl’s parking lot, Monday 0510 for prep…..0515, it’s on!

Hydrate well for this one, men…..even in 22 degree weather, you’ll need it …..#wholelottarunnin

Here’s the deal:

Run to #El Dorado

When you arrive, go to either the bottom of the mine shaft or to the bottom of STH depending on your arrival order…1st, 3rd. 5th, etc, arrivals go to the bottom of the mine shaft…….2nd, 4th, 6th, etc arrivals go to the bottom of STH

Early arrivals do burpees OYO until the six arrives ….. #keepalevelplayingfield

When all the Pax have arrived, and on YHC’s signal, run to the top of your respective stairs and head across the top deck toward the top of the other stairs.

Say hello to the first Pax you meet from the other group….he will be your partner for this game of tag

Tag your partner, then return to the bottom of #El Dorado along the same steps you came up

Meet your partner on the bottom floor, tag and keep running in the same direction back to the top (note: this tag must be made on the bottom floor…if you reach the bottom of the steps that your partner is descending before your partner gets there, wait on him, then tag and go!)

Run till you meet your partner again…tag and reverse direction, then run back down the same way you came up

Repeato till 6:05…..remember: reverse on top tags, and keep running in same direction on bottom tags…….keep track of your total number of tags…the #El Dorado Partner Tag Team Title could be yours!

At 6:05, Pax meet at the base of #El Dorado

Then AYG left in the tank back to the parking lot

Now go take on the day