“Before we get started, does anyone wanna get out?”

5 pax gathered for a cold beatdown.  26 degrees and clear
Run to parking lot
SSH x 20 in cadence
Cotton pickers x 20 in cadence
Slow high knees x 15 in cadence
Run back to ASEC
Set up tires
Group of 2 and group of 3
– groups squat press the tires
– One man flips the tire 5 and 5 back
– KGB twists while partners are flipping
– Switch
Mid merkin sprint
– Mid merkin hold 15 secs
– 60% sprint to other end of lot
– Mid merkin hold 15 secs
– 80% sprint to other end of lot
– Mid merkin hold 15 secs
– 90% sprint to other end of lot
Prisoner squats
-Prisoner squats x 30
– Planks alternating arms
– 40 KGB twists in cadence
– 15 v ups in cadence
– Rosalita (legs 90° angle, spread and back is one) x 15 in cadence
– 6 inches alternating between flutter, bitterly and holding
5 faithful men showed up to get tire’d and run
What we learned:
I think Catfish would have rather talked than workout.
Deertick says that three men on one tire is like lifting an inner tube compared to two men.
Total Package is a track beast…
Thanks to all who came out and supported me through my first Q. It was an honor!