The Best Workout In MECA!

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Speed!  One of the harder workouts available, but if you like competition, this is the workout for you!  No Merkins, no burpees, just you and your legs pushing as hard as they can!

The Thang;

Warm up with a mile of Indian run around past the fire station rd.

Serpentine Sprints in parking lot in front of the middle school.

1st set = Sprint first half, jog second half.  Up and back down

2nd set = Jog first half, sprint second half.  Up and Back down.

Mosey to behind middle school.

Partner hill sprints

1st set

  • P1 sprints up hill while P2 does Lunges
  • P1 Sprints up other hill while P2 does squats
  • Flapjack

2nd set

  • P1 sprints up hill while P2 does LBC
  • P1 Sprints up other hill while P2 does Reverse Crunch
  • Flapjack

3rd Set

  • P1 sprints up hill while P2 does jump squats
  • P1 Sprints up other hill while P2 does WWII sit-ups
  • Flapjack

Mosey to basketball courts

5 x prone sprints **Mario claims fastest man at Speed(Maybe MECA??)**

Mosey back to parking lot

The Moleskin

  1. Thanks for letting me Q guys.  Im making Speed a priority in my week moving forward.
  2. Lots of announcements, lets make sure we get those posted somewhere!
  3. Red Ryder is gong to be doing a book study starting in March.  Be on the look out for info on this!


7 thoughts on “The Best Workout In MECA!

  1. Dingo Post author

    I enjoyed it this morning! Great group of guys!

    Great to see Avalanche!

    Gordo, sorry for calling you Google…..too many G names….

  2. Man Down

    I think I pulled a hammy, but that was a great workout! Mario, thanks for the push to get out there this morning. Enjoyed the 2nd & 3rd F on the way there and back as well.

  3. Man Down

    I particularly enjoyed the Indian Run past the site where my F3 name was born. 15 months later and that ankle STILL reminds me of it every time I run!

  4. The Nanny

    @Dingo Glad you are back from your Tasmanian Adventure – been too long since we were able to make fun of the way you say things. This morning was tough. Speed is always a challenging workout but I think I am going to be more sore than usual after this one. It was pretty much a full 30 minutes of sprints. That is a lot.

    @Mario Not sure how you are so fast. I watch you run (from behind) and I think “he does not look like he is pushing himself that hard” – but you killed the field today. Few of us got a win on you this morning…did anyone? Keep coming out – we like a speedy carrot.

    @Man Down I can’t believe your ankle still hurts from your namesake event. Crazy. Hope that eventually goes away.

    @Google I like that you continue to thumb your nose at the whole knee thing. I mean who needs a fully functioning PCL anyway, right? I kid – but I know you are being smart (well…fairly smart) about it and that you are not letting that injury be an excuse to stop you from entering the gloom with your brothers. T-claps.

    @Black Sheep Good conversation about Skybrook. New AO? What?

    @Red Ryder Appreciate your boldness in bringing up the not so light topic of sexual addiction and the opportunity for any interested men to join you in a few weeks in a book study working through ways to confront that stronghold. If you or someone you know would benefit from this study, talk to Red Ryder. Do it now.

    1. The Nanny

      @Avalanche First one…as in….ever? Your virgin post to Speed?! Awesome. I KNOW you are feeling it today…just like I am….ouch….

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