Running on the beach….

23 of Highlands bravest decided to make the best decision they would make all day and laced them up for a Google let beatdown!

Warm Up:

Mosey across Highland to the sandy beach or the upper parking lot of the Golf Club.

Circle up

21 x SSH

15 x Merkins

12 x Imperial Squat Walkers

15 x Windmill.


Line up at edge of parking lot. There are 4 planters.

First length of planter do GBS.

10 Merkins

Second planter do Groucho walk

10 Merkins

Third  Planter do Side crab

10 Merkins

Fourth Planter do Side crab other side

10 x Burpees

Run lap.

Repeto x 4


Mosey back to School.

In between buildings

1 min Wall seat with 30 sec both legs. 15 secs lift right and then left leg.

1 min Step ups.

Repeat Wall seat.

Mosey to Mary.

25 x SSH

Brown Derby – Homer to Marge

Brinkly – Low Dolly

Black Sheep – Low Flutter.


As always a pleasure to lead you fine men.  I was in the mood to get the heart rate going this morning, so I went with a routine that I did at Mallard a couple weeks ago that I thought would do the trick. Since the group was awfully quite during the routine I think most of the PAX would agree. Welcome to FNG Troy..Whiskey!


Blue Ridge Relay recruiting currently underway. If interested get with Nanny.

Dads camping trip coming up in May. If interested go here 


Have a great night men and see you at a Dingo led Speed Tomorrow!!

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  1. The Nanny

    @Google Great bootcamp (as usual). It was a grind to get through and I am feeling the results today – sore chest. We did a LOT of merkins.

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