No Timbers Today

28 degrees and clear for a downtown beatdown


Mosey to top of Parking Deck (some did stairs up and down, then up the ramp…others not so much)

– SSH x 20 IC

– Shoulder Circle – forward/back

– Walkouts x 10

– LCBs

The Thang

– Bear Crawl down stairwell

– Mosey to Carolina Courts

– Partner up – wheel barrow up grassy hill/switch and repeat

– Mosey around far end of CC to corner of Corban/Spring Sts – find wall.  20 dips/20 Derkins

– Mosey to parking lot west for What-a-Burger – find wall – 20 dips/20 step ups

-Mosey thru downtown to ally – Wall Chair/Balls to the Wall

– Mosey to Parking Deck – Bear Crawl Up stairwell

– Mosey down ramps to Mary


– LBCs, Circle Supermans,


Q is working double time to earn a little adult R&R and was not able to do his Back Blast.  The above is best recollection of a rusty Hipbone to remember the WOD for Wednesday to help my F3 brother out in his time of overwork.

Aye, Hipbone