Tradition Cruise/key hunt

9 men showed up on this beautifully cold morning, though one showed up later than the rest and got to work out by himself!

8 men opted for the cruise this morning over Iron Fist!  Did something strange happen in the 3 weeks I was gone??!!  Traditioners choosing running over strength??!!  Whatever happened, I was glad to have you all out there with me today!

As I was deciding whether to do the roller coaster or a gentle 4 mile cruise, Trail Mix asked me which way are we going.  I asked him if it mattered.  he said….well i just locked my keys in my car…..So off to Trail Mix’s house we go!

Into Wellington, right on Saxonbury all the way to the end

Back to greenway.  Down greenway to Winchester pool.

Up Armitage, but running the culdesacs as we went up.

Back to StoneBridge(Roughly 4 miles) I forgot to turn on my GPS

At StoneBridge we found Sensei!!  I have no idea what he did 😉

3 thoughts on “Tradition Cruise/key hunt

  1. Dingo Post author

    As I mentioned, I only ran once in the 3 weeks I was gone. That was great this morning! The energy that the Pax provides is contagious and you can’t help but push yourself! Thank you gents, for making me a better man!

  2. The Farm

    Thanks for leading Dingo and welcome back. That’s the first cruise I’ve done in a while. I really enjoyed the 2nd F. I needed it after a busy past few weeks.

  3. Guinness

    I was looking at the Iron Fist description:
    MECA workout on Wednesday; Muscle building exercises like pull ups, dips, cinderblock presses, squats, etc. NO RUNNING
    Thanks for Q’ing the cruise this morning. Welcome back!

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