Nice slow cruise… for the first three steps.

Being a little sore this morning, I was planning on a nice slow cruise… Little did I know what @Stoli had in mind.  He shot out of the gate at what felt like a 7:15 pace, and he never relented.  During our post-run chat, he intimated that he had decided that if was going to participate in cruises, he was going to get his money’s worth!  I wish we would have had that conversation before the run.

The thing:

– Run out to Ridge road, hang a right, left at the apartments, various levels of looping around the 485 traffic circles, meet back at the school (Anywhere between 4 and 5.5 miles)


– Way to kill it @Stoli… I love being pushed during a run. (At least I love it after the fact, not necessarily a big fan during the run)

– Looked like everybody did a good job pairing up so that noone ran alone… good work men!

– Seemed like everyone was running at a really good pace… I love seeing all the running and the improvement!


– Higlands Creek 5k, Mud Run and Blue Ridge Relay coming up!  See @TheNanny or @Chowder for more details… or just google them, good websights for all three events.

8 thoughts on “Nice slow cruise… for the first three steps.

    1. Pavarotti

      @gordo – the 2nd F always makes the miles go faster… a brand new BMW on the autobahn. Thx for the stories.

  1. Stoli

    @Ironhide – it’s a relief to know you felt pushed because there were multiple times when I thought “This guy is flying and not losing momentum. I may gag.” No way I would have ran that fast without you. Thanks brother.

    1. Chowder

      Good stuff today @Ironhide. You’re off to a great MasterQ start tho you can voluntell others to lead too… aye!?? And if you really want to make @Stoli gag, just stop suddenly and start dry heaving…

  2. Colonel Mustard

    Iron sharping Iron… Looks like someone caught a case of the @Metro blues and his name rhymes with Cannoli. Way to push brother.

    Looking forward to getting out there soon enough.

  3. The Nanny

    @Ironhide Agreed with Gordo – I really like that route. You get some serious distance but it does not feel that long. J-lo and I never did catch you two. Good fast pace – kept the rest of us honest.

    @J-lo You were my @Stoli today since I had planned for a normal Cruise – not the Speed Cruise you took us on. Truth be told, today was probably the “right” pace to be running in order to gain maximum aerobic benefit from this type of run. Thanks for the 4.55 mi @ 7:45 pace.

    @Chowder YOou must have been hustling to bridge the gap and join J-lo and I. I remember that feeling from 2 Cruises ago when I showed up late and played the chasing game for about 3.5 miles. Makes for a fun/motivating chase.

    @Chavez Good to see you out there this morning…well…maybe not “see” you as you were in camouflage and I could only see you like Arnold saw the alien in the movie Predator. By the way, that is why I was leaning up against that hill covered in mud – to mask my heat signature. Anyone…fans of that movie….anyone?

  4. Chowder

    Leave it to The Highlands’ resident Ebert for an obscure movie reference. Always good for a #RandomNicknameGenerator… @RunDown wasn’t the first… nor the last.

    Good stuff all around today… love the consistency @RedRyder and @Luciano. Keep it up. @RR – I’m sure you got a good push from @Bling and his new-found banana-power.

    Thanks for the 2nd F @Camo-dictator and @Filibuster. Sorry I had to jet but needed to break up the techno-babble happening btwn @Nanny and @JLo… thanks for the pull home fellas.

    Looks like the complete Fourtitude posted today… tho was @Stoli’s pace a rejection of the crew pulling the ripcord? R.I.P. Four. At least you garnered one hammer helmet sticker.

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