MECA F3 Dads Camping Trip

One of the best kept car camping secrets in North Carolina is the Montreat Campground in Black Mountain.  It is so good and so secret, I can’t believe I am even telling you about it.  I have personally camped there dozens of times and almost refuse to go anywhere else – it is that good.  Get your camping checklist spreadsheet (you have one, right…?) dusted off and plan to join a bunch of your MECA brothers and their kids on our first ever F3 Dads Camping trip.


  • Friday May 15th – Sunday May 17th
  • Plan to arrive up there anytime from 1PM to 10PM on Friday.
  • We will depart around noon on Sunday, maybe do a hike, likely grab lunch in Black Mountain, and you will be home by 5 or 6PM.


  • Montreat Campground:
  • 401 Assembly Drive, Montreat, NC, 28757
  • Reservations can be made on-line.  The link is on the page found at the URL above.
  • Campground map can be found here:

Other Details:

  • Looking at making this a Dads and kids trip.  Give your M a weekend off.
  • As of RIGHT NOW, there is great availability for this weekend.  I would select from the following campsites: 12, 10, 4, 6, 11, and 2.  Those are all nice sites.  If those are taken by the time your lazy rear end gets to making reservations, then try to grab other ones close by so that we keep our camping AO tight.
  • UPDATE: 2/13/15: All the lower sites along the creek are now taken.  Next best sites depend on how you want to roll.  You can grab the ones on the non-creek side directly across from the current F3 sites (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) and be close by all the action and plan to hang out at the creek side sites most of the time (which we will do anyway) OR you can reserve sites further up the road.  The only bummer about being further up the road is that it is a decent distance away and it will be a pain for you to walk back and forth when you forget that “thing” and you will feel a bit more disconnected from what is going on.  Sites 14 – 18 might be ok choices since they are close.  23 – 29 might as well be another campground – they are a ways up there.
  • UPDATE: 3/4/15:  13 pax are HC and Montreat has no idea what is coming….  The only lower site left is site 3.  It is non-creek side but in the fray with the rest of the pax.  Next best site is 15 to be close to center of mass of our group.  From there I would suggest staying creek side and going north; 19 and up…

HC below via comments and let us know what site you are in.

32 thoughts on “MECA F3 Dads Camping Trip

  1. Wild Turkey

    What ages would be appropriate for this? I’m thinking no on the 4 month old, not sure about the almost 2 year old girl, though???

    1. The Nanny Post author

      @Wild Turkey If young kids are really solid walkers, then they can handle camping. The terrain is a little hilly and rocky – rough for young kids who are not stable walkers. They will likely fall a lot – bring Band-Aids and patience.

    1. The Nanny Post author

      @Gump Site 4 is pretty good sized. There is a decent, “fairly flat” portion of the site outside the standard 10×10 tent pad area that I believe is able to be used for additional tent space. Montreat’s official policy allows for up to 4 adults and 2 tents on any of their sites, but not all sites have enough room. Yours does.

  2. Frodo

    I’m in with Mighty Mouse (10-yr old son) and Minnie Mouse (6-yr old daughter) in site 11. My wife enjoys me being involved in F3, but she was REALLY excited about this event.

    Frodo: Hey, there’s an F3 dad’s camping trip in May. I was thinking of taking the kids and going.

    M Frodo: You’d take BOTH kids?

    Frodo: Yeah. It’s a Friday night to Sunday evening trip.

    M Frodo: You’d take BOTH kids for the ENTIRE weekend?

    Frodo: Yeah.

    M Frodo: That’s a GREAT idea!!! You should DEFINITELY do that!!!

    I think she already has her countdown calendar made until having the house to herself for a weekend.

  3. The Nanny Post author

    Anyone know who grabbed site 10 – if they are not F3, they will be by the end of the weekend…

    Here is the list of 9 HC pax as I know it so far:

    F3 Name Campsite
    Google 2
    Gump 4
    Waterboy 6
    Bootstrap 8
    Bling 8
    Ironhide 9
    Frodo 11
    Kato 12
    Nanny 13

    1. The Nanny Post author

      @Waterboy – 2.0’s get names after their first (if you are of the mindset that medals should be given to all participants) or second (if you think they should “earn” their name) post to an F3 Dads workout. I am sure someone is going to throw down a beatdown while at Montreat, so it will be his chance. However, let him know that nicknaming yourself tends to not end well….Jar Jar.

  4. WaterBoy

    Will do @nanny. He’s 5 so doesn’t totally get the name thing. He’s just thinking about the favorite Star Wars character.

  5. WaterBoy

    By the way guys for those going camping….my wife is extending an offer for the ladies as a girls night in while the dads and 2.0’s are camping if anyone is interested let me know.

  6. Blue Screen

    Hey guys, my good buddy @Bling, who also dragged my lazy butt to my FNG experience at Outland in South Charlotte invited me to join you good fellas in the woods. I hope you don’t mind me coming along and bringing my 2.0s (boy 10, girl 7). I grabbed site #3 so it looks like we will be on Gate duty! Looking forward to seeing how F3 does things up North!

    1. The Nanny Post author

      @Blue Screen Glad to have you join us. E-mail me with your e-mail address and mobile number so we can be sure to include you in future communications. You can find me at jamesdrescherATearthlinkDOTNET

  7. LawDawg

    OK, HC. Reserved site #16. Anyone else bringing bikes for the 2.0’s?

    @Nanny, are bikes a good idea? How are the hills?

    I’m bringing a truck, so I probably can load some extra gear if need be.

    1. The Nanny Post author

      @LawDawg I would say most people don’t bring bikes to Montreat – we never have. The “access road” that the campground is alongside is hard pack dirt/gravel and hilly. There is a playground next to the bath house (next to site 11) and the creek is where most kids spend the majority of their awake time. Bring water shoes, towels, and extra clothes. We will likely do a hike on Saturday after lunch. There is also a big playground down near the Assembly Inn (3 minute drive) which is always a hit with the kids.

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