Four creatures with two legs and one with four melted the frost off of the road this AM at Road Warrior.

Here’s my story… I’m sticking to it.

From the intersection of Main and Kee in the Town Center… mosey to take a left on Hagler, left on Main, right on Town Hall, left on Town Center, right on Kee.

Kick it up to 75-80% for 800 meters around @Minnow’s loop.  Cool down for 400 meters.

LBC x20 in cadence

Keep the mosey going up Center Place then left on Harrisburg Plaza.  Right on Parallel. Kick it into high gear to the intersection of Parallel and Patricia.  1/4 mile up, 1/4 mile down.  Get after it.  After the first round, 10x Merkins in cadence.  After the second round, x15 Mtn. Climber in cadence. Time for one more hill climb, recover mosey on the way down.

Mosey down Parallel for about 50 yards and then 75-80% to the Autmn Intersection.  Mosey to Main St.  Speed it back up to the LP.

Take a look a Warrior One and mary but get in about x5 LBC…


  • All said and done, we got in about 4.25 miles.  Probably a little less when the massive deviance of my iPhone app is taken out.
  • Awesome work today men. Great push.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

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