3 weeks off = one dead Dingo

14 men entered the wet, but not rainy gloom today ready to start their day right and take another little step to becoming a better man!  I had spent the last 3 weeks in Tasmania and only managed to get 1 run in the whole time I was there.  So I was a little nervous about my physical condition this morning and I had reason to worry!!  NEVER TAKE 3 WEEKS OFF AGAIN!!!!

The Thang;

Mosey around to tennis ct

  1. 20 x SSH
  2. 20 x merkin
  3. 20 x LBC
  4. 20 x diamond merkin
  5. 20 x wide merkin
  6. 15 x IST

Mosey around to tennis ct

Burpee Ladder

1 x Burpee (1,2,3……10)

2 x Air Squat (2,4,6…….20)

3 x WWII sit-up 3, 6, 9……30)

Mosey around to tennis ct

15 x Partner pushups then suicides

15 x Partner throw downs then suicides

15 x Partner get ups then suicides

15 x Partner shoulder press then suicides

5 x prone suicide sprints

The tired and sore moleskin;

  1. SOOO good to back out at F3!  The accountability of F3 is truly amazing.  As soon as I was by myself, I lost all desire to exercise….
  2. Great to see some new faces at The Precinct!  Baby Pie has some serious speed!!  He took the crown from Mario this morning!
  3. Strong group of guys at The Precinct!  You guys have got it going on!
  4. Thank you for allowing me to Q.

5 thoughts on “3 weeks off = one dead Dingo

  1. Trail Mix

    Welcome back @Dingo! I didn’t hear too many complaints that we ran out of time for Mary… I guess the ~165(?) WWII’s made up for it

  2. The Farm

    Oh man, Dingo is back. Someone is trying to EH man into working out at Selwyn Elementary tomorrow morning but the thought of harassing Dingo during the cruise is also very tempting. Welcome back!

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