Mild Day to SWAT

11 Pax converged at the Tradition AO for a Gangsta beatdown that went something like this.


Mosey to far side of parking lot (near playground)

Line up single file facing the church

15x SSH

15x IST

Arm circles/stretches


Everyone grabs their kettlebells for the following exercises:

20x KB Swings

20x KB Curls

20x Sumo Squats

20x Upright Rows

20x Chest Press

20x Pullovers

Repeato 5x



LBC 20x

Low Flutter/Low Dolly/Heels to Heaven Medley 10x each

Pretzel Crunch 10x each side

W (from @Iron Wolf) 10x

Squirm 15x


Sweaty Moleskin:

1. Thanks for pushing hard today men.  With all the repeatos, we ended up with 600 kettlebell reps this morning.  Impressive start to the Monday!

2. Nice to meet you @Putt-Putt! Definitely a well named nickname.  Good work today!

3. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but @Iron Wolf actually added a low flutter to his chest press.  Impressive.  #extracredit

4. @Buckwheat – hope you feel better soon brother.

1 thought on “Mild Day to SWAT

  1. Buckwheat

    My first ever migraine has almost subsidized. Thanks for all the emails checking up on me, guys. See you in the gloom soon!

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