Preblast: Crossing county lines for an Epic BeatDown…

A clown car of Metro Pax rolls into F3Concord territory; Tuesday(All Saints Episcopal Church)! Expect an epic beatDown so bring your hard work and let the chatter train roll.

BigBoy workout starts at 0515 so come early.
Regular workout starts at 0530 as usual.
COT at 0615.

YHC has scouted Concord’s territory an put together a workout covering around 4miles, lots of arms/shoulder/chest exercises, partner exercises and of course Mary will be around. Bring it F3Concord!


1 thought on “Preblast: Crossing county lines for an Epic BeatDown…

  1. Colonel Mustard

    Ouch, someone is laying it down for you men in Concord! @F3Metro man (@Fishwrap) at #ElDorado this morning and @F3Metro man (@Snoop) in Concord. There coming North.

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