52-Card Pick Up

21 of Harrisburg’s toughest dudes came out for a friendly game of 52 card pick up – aka, working through a deck of cards, with each card equating to the number of reps per exercise. Ace = 1, 2=2, etc. (Jack is 11, Queen is 12 and King is 13)

The thang:
Indian Run up and around to park entrance, and back down to the lower parking lot (ended up being 1/2 mile)
Warm Up:
SSH x20
Windmills x10
Air Squats x20

Open deck of cards:
13 merkins
12 burpees
11 merkins
2 burpees

Indian Run back up hill for some work with LOGS:
Set 1:
10 up & overs
8 squats
4 curls

Set 2:
11 up & overs
10 squats
2 curls

Set 3:
5 up & overs
6 squats
5 curls

Set 4:
7 up & overs
2 squats
12 curls

Regular exercises (without logs):
5 merkins
5 burpees
13 merkins
3 burpees
8 wide merkins
12 monkey humpers
3 wide merkins
9 monkey humpers

Mosey over towards the field for LADDERS on the hill:
Set 1:
Bottom: 4 merkins
Middle: 4 air squats
Top: 10 dips

Set 2:
Bottom: 10 burpees
Middle: 9 LBCs
Top: 6 jump squats

Set 3:
Bottom: 7 mountain climbers
Middle: 6 mountain climbers
Top: 6 mountain climbers

Set 4:
Bottom: 9 burpees
Middle: 4 burpees
Top: 1 burpee

Indian Run around track to open field near woods:
1 air squat
11 LBCs
2 air squats13 LBCs
13 LBCs
8 diamond merkins
13 reverse crunches
8 diamond merkins
9 reverse crunches

up to 7 (with double count air presses)

Mosey through woods up to the shelter. On picnic tables:
7 incline merkins
1 jump up
11 decline merkins
1 incline merkin
12 jump ups
3 decline merkins

down from 3 (with double count air presses)

MARY: (group-led)
The W x10 (thanks, Big Bird)
LBCs x10 (thanks, Thunderbolt)
The squirm x10 (thanks, Oz)
30 second(?!?) plank (thanks, Rooster)
Homer to Marge (thanks, Bull)

1. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to lead, men, and for the grace in my lack of proper cadence on a few occasions.
2. Glad to see Hootie back in the swing of things. Could barely tell you’d been laid up or had surgery!
3. Tclaps to those men (didn’t get an official count) who also did the Bull Run prior. Strong work!
4. For all the mumble-chatter about there being more than 4 Kings (13 reps), go back and count! Each number we did 4 times, and did all 52! =)

3 thoughts on “52-Card Pick Up

  1. Gamma

    Nice lead, @SunDial. The Merican/Burpee combos were terrible – still feeling that in the chest and arms.

    @Rooster – welcome back out. Judging by the flying squirrel burpees, you’ve been keeping at it in your spare time, but always great to have you out with us as well.

    Shout out to @SoloCup: Bull Run, then the workout, then posts a ~24minute 5k at UNCC. Strong work!

    I believe there were also 3 out before the workout for @Gappers mud run training. Nice job!

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