Bootstrap-less halves

Dang… 22 degrees and falling as the feet hit the floor. Nothing like some solid speed work to warm up, get the blood flowing and (unless you’re a properly layered @TheNanny) sweat a little. A solid five #faithful stood in the gloom at 0530… until we saw the @Stoli-mobile (right on @Stoli-time) followed by @TheNanny-mobile (on @Stoli-time plus). YHC spit some variation of the #disclaimer and we rolled out only three minutes behind schedule.

The Thang
Warm up mile at fellowship pace past the golf club (hey, wait… @Google’s here! Where did he come from? Clearly he must have arrived via a one-legged-Flintstone-mobile at way-past-Stoli-time), driving range and @Conchito snuggled up in his fartsack, up to HCP at Whistler’s Chase.
– Run ~0.5 mile @Bootstrap straight-away at 5k pace to back entrance; recover.
– Rinse and repeat until we run out of time (total of 4 x 0.5 mile)
– Fellowship pace back to HCES with a horseshoe adder and a few striders mixed in to get the fast-twitch fibers firing


– Run the Creek 5k – March 21 @ HCES – great community event with lots of F3 participants; get ready via speed each Friday and throw down come race day. Sign up at
– USMC MudRun – April 11 near Columbia – sign-ups are open now via or look for an email to be coming soon. Let’s get two FULL buses!

The Face-masked Moleskine
– Solid effort across the board today with splits ranging from 3:00-4:00 per half… all very respectful times; Run the Creek is gonna see some F3 domination with those times.
– Strong pace set by @Nanny, @Stoli and @Skipper right around the 3:03 mark.
– Running on one leg doesn’t seem to be slowing @Google down at all, but pushing the pace on the final set will cause him to #spillmerlot
– Great to see @Glock pull @Blacksheep out there… keep bringing each other back.
– Also nice to have @Bling out there… see you again next week so we can work on your pacing. Great no-quit persistence, brother!

4 thoughts on “Bootstrap-less halves

  1. Stoli

    It wasn’t cold if you were wearing lined swishy pants!

    Thanks for the lead, Chowder. You humbly didn’t mention you were also rocking the 3:03 pace group. Well done.

  2. Google

    Great workout @Chowder! The knee was not the problem today #gettingstronger #PCLisoverrated, however trying to keep pace with the 3 minute group was a bit much and I blew my gasket which made me have my first F3 #spilledmerlot moment! e

    Everyone heard us running today with the amount of swishy pants the crew was rocking today! Enjoyed the F2 with the group today!

  3. Skipper

    @Google – Maybe the cold is just what you kneed. #pantslesspun

    @Bling can give you tardy men a lesson is timeliness. #lessonsfromabusrider

    Thanks for the lead today @Chowder! Still amazed at how me, you, and @Stoliswish wound up on that #ElDorado team together? #notcomplaining

  4. The Nanny

    @Chowder I had forgotten about the Bootstrap Loop. Solid workout and WAY better than that torturous track. Glad I opted for the mask today b/c during the run the small amount of face I exposed to the elements hurt like heck! My car said 21 degrees on the way home. That is cold in my book.

    @GooGLE Ditto to what @Chowder said when you pulled up all of a sudden and bent over – I thought you had hurt your knee or something. hearing you were just losing your cookies was a relief. Hearing @Stoli pass you and suppress the patented StoliGag was priceless! Not many men have the rocks to bring themselves to Merlotville – T-claps.

    @Glock @Black Sheep Great to have our Skybrook brothers with us today. Big week for Black Sheep – I know he hit 4 workouts this week and heck – maybe he posted monday….

    @Skipper You were fast out there today. Too bad you are an old man – otherwise we could go head2head in the Run the Creek this year. I’ll circle back on the course once I finish and bring you your wheelchair. @Google is a different story as he is in my age group. Good news is I know exactly which knee to kick.

    I woke up tired and not feeling like running but ended the morning feeling great. Thanks, men, for always showing up so that I know I won’t be alone in the gloom.

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