Thursday Morning Hustle

22 of highlands Faithful including 1 FNG joined in the gloom for a Thursday throwdown in the Creek.

Run to back of HCES for COP:
SSH x19
Merkins x19
Squats x19
Mountain Climbers x19

Run to HCES entrance road
Lunges to “No Lunges Sign”
Backwards Run to next road
Plank until six arrives

Run to HC Parkway Wall

Partner Up for the Following:
Partner Derkins x15
Muscle Ups x15
Jump Squats x15
Repeato 4 times

Run back to HCES entrace road
Backwards run to “No Lunges Sign”
Lunges to next road
Plank until six arrives

Run to back of HCES for the following:
Partner up
Merkins x200 between P1 & P2
Squats x200 between P1 & P2
P1 and P2 alternate ~75 yard run while other partner is completing their sets
Join in on MARY when complete

Mason Twist
Low Dolly
Reverse Crunch
Plank Jack
Homer to Marge

1. Great numbers this morning for a Thursday. Continue to be impressed with the turn outs, based on that we should see some growth in the Spring.
2. T-Claps to M Google for EHing R2D2(James-FNG) and Google for responding to the text. Glad to have you out with us brother.
3. There was a Shazam and Octane sighting this morning, two men we talked about last night at #TheShield (it’s our 3rdF workout, maybe the other PAX should join us sometime).
4. I found this workout to me a little tough on the upper body this morning. I was considering an audible during the first set of 15 Muscle Ups (yeah right). It hurt but the results on the triceps in the mirror this morning were awesome!!
5. Enjoy your day men, do good things!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Hustle

    1. Charmin

      @Colonel. Painful workout as always when you are the Q. Amazing the difference between 15 reps and the usual 10 reps for the muscle ups. Brutal.

      200 partner merkins was tough as well. Chest is feeling it today.

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