The Hank Aaron Challenge

Eleven PAX entered the Hurt Locker on Hammerin’ Hank’s 81st birthday.  We knocked out 755 reps – one for each home run…


Mosey to the backlot –

  • SSH x 25
  • Cotton pickers x 15
  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • Shoulder/arm stretch
  • Arm circles

Mosey to the shelter, circle up


  • Merkens x 40
  • Air squats x 80
  • Bench dips x 40
  • LBCs x 80
  • Merkens x 30
  • Air squats x 60
  • Bench dips x 30
  • LBCs x 60
  • Merkens x 20
  • Air squats x 40
  • Bench dips x 20
  • LBCs x 40
  • Merkens x 10
  • Air squats x 20
  • Bench dips x 10
  • LBCs x 20

That ran our total reps up to 600 and we were short on time.  So we slugged out 155 seconds of burpees to make up the final 155.

Mosey to Mary


  • Circle Supermans for 2 minutes
  • In-and-outs w/ hold for 2 minutes
  • Alternating scissor kicks w/ hold for 2 minutes


Thanks to the PAX for indulging my obsession with baseball history today.  Catfish helped out with an ongoing juxtaposition between how many reps we had done and where that would put us in Hank’s career timeline (“that’s 400 reps, we’ve just moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta” “there’s 600 reps, now we’re around 1970”).  I think we all have a deeper appreciation for the number 755 after today.

Definitely want to give props to our over-50 crowd today – believe we had four, and they all hung in for the entire workout – a fitting testament to the man who was still slugging 40 home runs at age 39.  Also glad to see Boo Boo is back in the routine – we missed him during his recovery.

As always, thanks to everyone who posted this morning.

– Exit 54