Getting Ready for the Mudrun with an audible or two!

Four Rolling Stoners and one drifter from Highlands posted this morning for Blindsides VQ beatdown.  The first comment made was “where is everyone, it is almost warm out here. YHC figured it was a good day to ramp up our mudrun training, so those not familiar with the race have a better understanding now.  Keep Moving, Don’t Stop and that is exactly what was in store for the PAX this morning.
As far as we know this morning went something like this…

Mosey to grass bowl
Butt kickers
High knees
SSH x 20
Picking Up Daisies x 15
Imperial Storm Trooper x 15

The Thang:
Partner Carry 50 yds
Burpees x 12 each
Run up small hill, climb over top split rail
Run down hill, low crawl under bottom split rail
Bear crawl back to start – 50 yds! (This was more like a gecko crawl for Mattress King b/c he smoked us!)
Repeat minus bear crawl

10-8-6-4-2 Ladder on split rail fence
Incline Merkin
Decline Merkin

Indian Run
Sprint to front x 2
Indian Lunge
Broad jump to front x 2

Mosey to wall next to bus lot
– people’s chair – 1min
– Mountain Climbers – 10 – 8 – 6 -4 -2
– legs against wall and reach for toes – 12-8-8-6-4-2-1 (Q had brain fart on count)

Mosey to parking for Mary
Marie Calendar bolted for a One man jailbreak…..He announced it after a 20 yd head start.

The squirm x 20 in cadence
Low dolly x 20 in cadence
PAX choice:
Planks jacks x 25 in cadence (BOS)
LBC x 50 (Marie Calendar)

A solid beatdown all around.  Everyone worked hard and pushed through the reps.

Good Work Guys!


6 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Mudrun with an audible or two!

  1. Kato

    @Blindside: Congrats on the VQ! Sorry I missed it……especially a MudRun beatdown! Whoohoo! It’s MudRun season.

    I’ll be back out next week. Once of my sons had a birthday this morning and we’ve got a tradition of celebrating birthdays (cake, icecream, etc.) the minute they get up in the morning. What seemed like a good idea when they were 2 years old is not as much now that they’re older. But hey, it’s a tradition.

    It’s hard to comment on the fartsacking of the other PAX when I didn’t post……but I’m looking forward to seeing the guys back out there next week.

    1. Marie Calendar

      Obvioulsy never updated the F3 profile- see prior comment- but now you know the birth name, too.

  2. WaterBoy

    Sorry for the fartsack guys. Great beatdown blindside. Lots of excuses for me but no good ones. See you Tuesday.

  3. Mattress King

    @Blindside you did an awesome job this morning,
    @Marie Calender you were half way across the parking lot before you said anything.
    Have been missing the rest of you guys, I guess @Kato and @Waterboy only want to workout together, not sure what that’s about.

  4. Sugar

    Nice workout @Blindside. Almost didn’t make it out of the grass bowl. I guess since we’re getting ready for the mud run I might as well commit. @Mattress King I’m in if we’re putting a team together.

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