Finally Back

11 of Traditions finest removed themselves from the fartsack this morning for a “not that cold” beatdown. YHC has been out for a month trying to get healed up and saw no better way to return to the gloom than with a Q.

Warm up:

2 laps around church mixing in Stoli Skipping, High Knees, Butt Kickers and Karaoke


Line up for Indian Run to Fresh Market.

run serpentine from island to island 10 squats at the islands on the right and 5 burpees on the islands on the left. Then work our way back with 10 lunges at the right side islands and 15 WW2 sit-ups on the left side islands.

Indian run back to church.

1 round of 4 prone sprints



FJ and his Homer to Marge


1.Thank you guys for allowing me to lead this morning. it is always an honor. is really good to get back out there with you guys. the accountability aspect of F3 is unmeasurable.

3. I’m glad to see Tradition still growing. Welcome to 2 FNG’s Putt-Putt (fka Manny Golf) and Dick Tracy (fka Jonathan Norman) Great to meet you guys and hope to continue to see you guys in the gloom. as it was said to me when I started the workouts don’t get easier but you will get stronger.

9 thoughts on “Finally Back

  1. FunkyBunch Post author

    it was great to be back. im still not a %100 but I cant take not being there anymore. Again welcome to Putt-Putt and Dick Tracy. Hopefully you will take the blue pill and get hooked and keep coming. Welcome!

  2. FunkyBunch Post author

    There are some sprints and LBC’s in there that we didn’t get to and I forgot to delete before I posted.

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice to have you back brother. It was a good workout. Thanks to those of you for indulging me in the ManUpChallenge pull-ups. Made it easier to see some other guys out there doing it with me.

    Welcome to Putt-Putt and Dick Tracy. Keep posting.

    Perrier, always a pleasure to see you out there with us.

  4. Skipper

    @Perrier sighting at #Tradition?!

    @FunkyBunch – I thought you went to Tasmania with @Dingo? Glad you’re back. #luggageboy

  5. Jonathan Norman

    Thanks for making my FNG appearance a great experience.

    FunkyBunch, thanks for letting me know I was going to get hit by a bus.

    Jelly, thanks for making the connection.

    Sensei, you are an inspiration. Respect.

    Putt-Putt, glad you were in my pledge class. Keep at it, and I will too.

    Thanks to everyone else for their support. My hamstrings thank you.

    Over and out.

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