Harrisburg Highlights

Five men (and Dixie), ventured into the brisk winter morning, to review the highlights of the Road Warrior running routes.

The Thang
  • Starting at Town Hall we started on the BBQ Route
  • Right on Main St
  • Left onto Roberta Rd
  • Right on Parallel Dr., cross over Morehead Rd, onto Valhalla Dr.
  • Right on Williams Rd (Roller Coaster), Straight on Lakeveiw Dr
  • Right on Hudson Ln, crossover Morehead Road, onto Parallel Dr.
  • Right on Plaza Dr.
  • Right up Patricia Ave (sprint up Banjo Boy Hill), down to Parallel Dr., and back up to Plaza Dr.
  • Left onto School Ave.
  • Right on Parallel Dr.
  • Left onto Roberta Rd. Right on Main St
  • Left down Professional Blvd, Sprint around Minnow’s Loop (sorry only once due to time constraints) 
  • Back up Professional Blvd, Left on Main St.

My watch said 5.02 mi ()

COT/ Warrior One


  1. Great run this morning guys,  everyone is getting stronger.  I tried to take the toughest elements of all our runs and merge them into one workout.
  2. New goal is for everyone to get 5.50 miles in the 45 min’s we have together.  We aren’t far off now.
  3. We started a 5K training program on 2/2 at Hickory Ridge Middle School (meeting every Monday after that until the Harrisburg 5k.)   This week’s BB is here http://f3nation.com/2015/02/02/5k-training-week-1/.  It’s not to late to start, just pick up with Wednesday’s workout. If you do not have 15 min to do that, you need to evaluate your Time Management System.
  4. Speed workouts with @SSMinnow on Friday’s at Hickory Ridge Middle School.
  5. Community Outreach: Wings of Eagles Ranch ( http://www.wingsofeaglesranch.org/) is a therapeutic horseback riding camp ten miles from Harrisburg in Mt Pleasant. They are starting a new program in March in which they will be hosting weekend retreats for our disabled veterans here in North Carolina. The ranch has some construction related to this new program that is wrapping up at the beginning of March. They are in need of volunteers on two Saturdays, Feb 21 and Feb 28, to provide general labor to help with this construction Types of labor that were mentioned are: painting, cleanup, chainsaw work, tear out stairs, move heavy equipment, etc. Please contact @SSMinnow (704-281-8653joehwll@gmail.com) for any questions.


Solo Cup

6 thoughts on “Harrisburg Highlights

  1. Gamma

    @SoloCup – awesome lead. Loved the combination of those three runs. I’m in for the push to 5.5 miles.

  2. SSMinnow

    @Solo Cup…way to mix it up…enjoyed running with the @PAX this morning. If you’re keeping track of deer sightings, the herd we saw on Williams Rd is the largest I have seen in Harrisburg…must have been eight of them. They reminded me of this little known fact: What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost? Bamboo.

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