Dutch Q- getting your money’s worth


12 of the F3’s finest showed up this morning with vigor for a Dutch Q – hoping to get their money’s worth at the Precinct. TClaps to man down for an evening tweet out to the PAX!

Warm-O-Rama – mosey up the cul-d-sac for some quiet warmups including: SSH, Imperial Walkers, CP’s, MC- all x 12 IC.

Mosey to Prison Yard for the line up and pain stations.

Line up – work the width of the tennis courts

Prisoner lunge – Hands free Merkins(HFM x10)- Prisoner lunge(HFM x10) – circle back around for-

Bear Crawl – HFM – Crawl Bear – HFM – circle back around for-

Side Plank right – HFM- Side Plank left- HFM – circle back around for

Recover- either plank or Al Gores – wait for the 6.

Pain Stations (PS)-  4 Corners of Pain x 3 circuits

PS1- Carolina Dry Docks x10 – run forward to-

PS2 – Squat Jumps x10 – prisoner lunge to–

PS3- Merkins x 10- run backward to-

PS4- Jackknifes x10 – -prisoner lunget to  PS1

rinse and repeat x2

Time for some suicides – Partner up

P1- suicide run to end of court/ half way back/ run to end/ all the way back – tap P2 who is doing WWII situps. Repeato x 3.

Then time for a progression 10 to 1. SSH, CDD, USAF sanctioned official situps- all single count in cadence.

Mosey back to Pkg lot for some MARY:

Pretzel Stick,Low flutter, Reverse Crunch, Hello Dolly, Plank Jack – all x12.



Naked Moleskin: What a great group of guys- thanks for the opportunity – hope you got your money’s worth!  The AO  reminded me of my earlier days when the kids were younger playing at the pool and tennis courts. Never dreamed of being part of a movement like F3 and am blessed to have committed guys to work out with- to all you guys with families ( or planning on having a family one day) keep up the good work – its a great gift to give your loved ones – take care of our God given bodies- and model the discipline and commitment to others!  Go EH someone.

9 thoughts on “Dutch Q- getting your money’s worth

  1. Dutch Post author

    great to see all you in the chili gloom this morning- Keep posting this winter and you’ll be ready this spring to take it to the next level!

  2. The Farm

    Looks like a solid beatdown Dutch! Funny how EHing someone came up in both of our backblasts. I feel like a few months ago before The Precinct was formed, we would have about 30 guys showing up at Tradition. 30/2 doesn’t equal 20 (12 at Precinct and 8 at Tradition). Where are all of you fartsackers?! Summer is coming…

    1. Icicle

      I am not a fartsacker @farm some of us ( me) had to be at work sometimes a little earlier that everyone else other wise I would’ve been there

  3. Skipper

    Great workout @Dutch! and thanks for bringing #Tradition regulars @Maximus and @UpperCut along too.

    @PrecinctPax – For all you guys who haven’t Qed yet. Now is the perfect time to give it a go. Take this workout that @Dutch did and copy it, or change up the exercises a little. It’s that simple. This was a total body workout that kept us moving the whole time. Ahoy!

  4. Prison Fruit

    Rocked it this morning @Dutch! Enjoyed the mix ups and non-stop action. My arms are HUGE right now!!! I’m feeling the Q-Pressure comin’ on strong, so look out in the near future for something Fruity! Wait, what??

  5. Man Down

    @Dutch: I feel like I’ve been kicked in the arse multiple times today! Those lunges across the prison yard mixed in with the jump squats were BRUTAL! Thanks! 🙂

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