Mallard Creek Combine

24 of Meca’s Finest decided to lace them up  and start Superbowl weekend off the with a solid beatdown on Mallard Parks frozen turf.

Warm up:

Mosey to Tennis Courts.

21 x SSH

20 x Merkins

15 x Imperial Squat Walkers

15 x Windmills.


The Thang:

Line up at one end of tennis court, GBS across first court, 10 Merkins, Groucho Walk across second court, 10 Merkins, Side plank walk across 3rd court, 10 Merkins, Reverse side plank walk, 10 Burpees.  Run lap – Rinse and Repeat x 3.  Xtra credit goes to Octane as the only one who decided to run a third lap!

Mosey to football field

Oh look.. Tires!  Audible!

Count off in two’s.

Both groups start at opposite end of football field. Full sprint to other side.

Group 1 does Bear crawl to goal post then Crawl bear to side line.

Group 2 flips tires side line to side line.

Full sprint and each group repeato.


Mosey to far endzone.

Line up single file. Follow the Q! Run up and down bleacher stairs. Single file every step until you reach other side.

Meet on track. Run 1 x lap with 10 Merkins at each corner. Total of 40.

Repeat the bleacher stair course.

Mosey to parking lot for Mary:

LBC x 25

Low Flutter x 25 (Major Pain)

Dying Cockroach and Homer to Marge ( Hammer)

Merkins x 20 (Conchito)

Circle Merk x 3 Rounds ( Smokey)



Thank you for the opportunity to lead this AM. Always a pleasure!  Great way to start the weekend. It seemed right we start superbowl weekend off by getting a little work done on the football field. My lungs and legs were burning today. I think Jelly mentioned we did over 1100 step in total!  Serious calorie burning today!

@Toro great work today. You were pushing hard today!

@Conchito. Love seeing your progress. Those 20 merkins in cadence during Mary were awesome. I remember just a couple months ago you could barely do five. Great job!

@Mud. Great to meet you! Awesome work and look forward to grinding more workouts with you.

@Major Pain. Your Spirit is infectious!

@Murdock..Love seeing you continue to post. I can already see you getting stronger. Keep it up.

@Forgotten Jelly…. Thanks for the extra push at the end of the stairs to get a couple more lengths in. #lactidacid

It was also great to get a little F2 and F3 at the coffee after.  God is good!

Make it a great day men!




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