Make New Friends (But Keep the Old)

22 men came out on a cold Saturday morning and quickly forgot it was cold. Six doubled-down and toured Harrisburg on the Bull run prior to the workout. Here is how the workout went down:

Mosey to west parking lot for warm-o-rama

SSH, Windmill, Imperial Storm Trooper, mountain climber, air squat

Mosey to bottom of terraced hill

Ladder: 1–>10 burpees, bear crawl to middle tier, 10 merkins, crab walk to top tier, 10–>1 air squats…

Audible after about 8 rounds…enough of this!

Lunge walk to middle of football field

COP – WWII situps (10 OYO), alternating shoulder taps (IC), air squats (IC)

Sprint to south end of field

Ten Diamond merkins (OYO), Ten air squats (OYO)

Bunny hop back to mid-field

Mosey to steps of library

Split into two groups to bunny hop up steps at west and south sides of library, then lunge walk back…repeato x 2

Mosey to middle of east football field

One minute of each of the following five exercises: WWII situps, air squats, mountain climbers, lunge, merkins

COP – LBC, low dolly, alternating shoulder taps

One minute of each of the following five exercises: WWII situps, air squats, mountain climbers, lunge, merkins

Mosey to Mary

Mary: LBC, low dolly / low flutter ???, W, SoloCup wrapped it up with crunchy frog


Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning, always an honor. The theme for today’s workout was “Make New Friends (But Keep the Old)”

Welcome FNG EVite (aka Carter) and FNG Beyonce (aka Sean)…keep coming back…you’ll get stronger, and you’ll soon find that F3 is a lot more than just free workouts…its a brotherhood.

Strong work by all the PAX this morning…lots of chatter going throughout the workout….the ladder on the tiered hill turned out to be a bit tougher in real life than on paper…thanks for pushing through

@Buggy and @Crzy Horse….good to meet both of you


Couch to 5K program starts Monday – contact @SoloCup

Mud Run is April 11 –

Blue Ridge Relay is Sept 11 & 12 – time to sign up…check out @Gapper’s book on about F3 Harrisburg’s Ridge Runners 2014 BRR success: (proceeds go to F3 Harrisburg BRR 2015)

Wings of Eagles Ranch – this is an opportunity to exercise the “invigoration of male community leadership” portion of the F3 Mission which is: “to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”. WoE ( is just up the road in Mt Pleasant. They are beginning a weekend retreat program to support our disabled veterans across North Carolina. The first retreat is March 26-29, and they have construction underway for this. We have targeted two Saturdays (Feb 21 and Feb 28) to help with general labor which could include painting, cleanup, chainsaw work, tear out stairs, move heavy equipment, etc. They ask that we bring yard tools (rake, shovel…), chain saws, blowers, gloves…The hours are 9-4 (or whatever portion you can be there for) and they will provide lunch. Also, 2.0’s that are at least 14 years old can participate. YHC will be the Q for both of these workdays, so contact me if you are able to help on one or  both of these Saturdays.