Lost in Translation

Ocho PAX showed up for Pongo’s VQ, the Beat Down went something like this….

(Despite Pongo’s accent and Puerto Rican roots, he proved be bilingually competent!)



Side-straddle Hop

Imperial Storm Trooper


Cotton Picker

Arm Circles

4 Rounds of SWAT

KB Swings x 20+15+10+20

Sumo Squat w/High Pulls x 20+15+10+20

Calf Raises x 20+15+10+20

LBC’s x 20+15+10+20

Chest Press x 20+15+10+20

Skull Crushers x 20+15+10+20

Merkins (one Leg) x 20+15+10 (each arm)

Lawn Mower Pulls x 20+15+10+20

Bent Over Row\Lawn Mower Pull x 20+15+10+20 (each arm)

Lounges x 20+15+10+20

1st and 2nd Round Mosey

3rd Round Mosey with KB around the world

Repeat Above



The Box Cutter

The Squirm

The W

@pax – Thanks for your support and presence for my Virgin Q. It was an honor to lead this morning! Please dont ask me how long it takes to drive to Puerto Rico. 🙂

@urlacher- welcome to f3 and glad you could join us for your first post this morning.

@dingo- I may be adding some words of wisdom to the newsletter next week. I think I’ve got some good ideas…

4 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Looks like I missed another good workout. Sorry I missed your VQ Pongo. However, I was there for your first scheduled VQ, so I think that should count.

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Pongo – great Virgin Q! You were well prepared and we exercised all our different muscles. Appreciate all the answers and commentary to questions we didn’t ask, such as the advantages to the brain of being bi-lingual. I must admit though, since the beatdown was bi-lingual, you might be onto something – since I was so confused trying to understand the Spanish I was distracted from feeling any pain in the exercises. Muchas gracias amigo!

  3. Skipper

    @Pongo – Nice Q today! I still don’t believe it was your 1st, maybe 1st since you’ve been a #respect.

    @Pax – Fun time this morning, men!

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