Can we run downwind?

7 of MECA’s faithful Friday speedsters braced themselves in the windy gloom for a speedy workout.

The Thang:

Mosey to lower parking lots zig-zagging through the three levels:
High knees, Stoli Skip, Karaoke L/R, Backwards/Forwards

Mosey to the track
4 x 400 at 75%
4 x 200 jog between 400’s

Hopscotch (yeah, that was impromptu)

Mosey to bus lot
3 sets of suicides at the basketball goals
Set 1: 1 jump squat at goal #1, 2 jump squats at goal #2, 3 jump squats at goal #3
Set 2: 1 merkin at goal #1, 2 merkins at goal #2, 3 merkins at goal #3
Set 3: repeato of Set 1

Foot speed work at the hopscotch court
3 x each hopscotch court (7 of them?)

Zig-zag Indian Runs around bus lot to Mary

Mason twist X12, low dolly x12, low flutter x12, crunchy frog x15, WWII situps x12

Naked and Windy Moleskin:
1) Thanks for the push today fellas. YHC was bringing up the six on all of the 400 intervals. Nice to get some cold air into my lungs. Something was moving around in there besides the air!
2) Stoli was ready to head to Mary at 0600 but much to his chagrin, there were 2 more sets of hopscotch.
3) Welcome to Mario from Tradition. He may be a regular at Speed now with his comment, “Ya’ll run around here!”. See you next Friday!
4) Nice to see at least 1 person was wearing shorts after my PB Tweet on Thursday evening.
5) It was NOT 45 degrees this a.m. My iphone and car can’t calculate wind, but it was at least -30 with wind chill.
6) On this day in 1973, KISS gave their first public performance at New York’s Coventry Club.

4 thoughts on “Can we run downwind?

  1. The Nanny

    @Snare Tough one today. 4 track intervals were just the right amount. I was ready to be done and done after that but no…you had to continue the aerobic sufferfest with suicides. I remember as we headed to Mary thinking to myself “thank goodness this is over again for another week…sigh….”

    To all you #SpeedSackers – we have a range of speed that comes out on Fridays. Don’t be scared. We want you to show up and simply go from your “fast” to your “faster.” It is hard work, but it has a great return on investment.

    @Mario Awesome meeting you, ya 23 yr old speedy punk. Oh…and I hate you b/c of what you do at your job at 4PM. Now that is how you do a “nice to meet you.”

    @Frodo You were fast out there today. I couldn’t keep up.

    @Gordo Mr Consistency. Can always count on seeing your welcoming face in the gloom. T-claps.

    1. Gordo

      @snare – thanks for workout. It had been a while since I made it to a speed session. I thought coming in shorts and no hat would make me “faster”, but I was still way in the back. But every workout makes a difference.

      @nanny- I agree with the -30 temp with windchill assessment!

  2. Chowder

    Good stuff today @Snare, even if you don’t like my 10 counts. Glad @The_Nanny was on the same page…

    Not sure how @Stoli has developed such a high level of both power and endurance… not only did you hang up front the entire way, but you surged ahead every time we hit the front straight headwinds which blew YHC into reverse.

    And nice work all around to all the PAX who posted… never easy but always worth it.

  3. Pavarotti

    Sounds like a good one this morning, gents! I hate that I missed it, especially a Snare lead, but I have a broken wheel. I should have listened to Google and Snare. I hope to be back at it next week.

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