There’s No ‘H’ in ‘VQ’

14 pax showed up for YHC’s VQ.  Thanks for all the support fellas


  • Arm-circles
  • SSH
  • IST
  • Cotton-pickers
  • Windmill


Workout was composed of 3 parts

Part 1: Tabata in Prison Yard

  • Merkins
  • Mason Twist
  • Squats
  • Barbell torque (partner up – one man takes the place of the barbell)
  • Repeato


Part 2 in field

  • Partner 1: Burpee Jump half-way, bear crawl the rest of the way
  • Partner 2: Peter Parkers
  • Switch
  • Repeato (on second set, planking partner performs reverse Peter Parkers (kick leg over other leg instead of under))


Part 3: Tabata on playground

  • Bulgarian squats right leg
  • Bulgarian squats left leg
  • Hanging reverse sit-ups
  • Pike on swings
  • Repeato


After finishing all three parts, repeated parts 1 and 3



  • Baby crunch
  • Low flutter
  • Pretzel crunch
  • Low dolly
  • Homer to Marge melody led by Pharaoh



1. Thanks to everyone for making my VQ a memorable one.  It’s an honor to lead you all and I am looking forward to doing it again.

2. #tclaps to whoever, quite successfully, completely messed up everyone’s counting during Mary with some great mumble chatter.

9 thoughts on “There’s No ‘H’ in ‘VQ’

  1. Trail Mix

    Great VQ, No H! I definitely enjoyed the fast pace of the tabata workout, and you kept us moving between the stations.

  2. Man Down

    @No H, Cobains for missing your VQ, but it looks like my last minute recruiting helped! @Mario, welcome back Kotter!
    Looks like a great beatdown. Next time my 2.0 keeps me up in the middle of the night, I might just bring him. Although the Smartsack was very much needed this morning!

  3. Pharaoh

    @No H – Great work – nice workout! You have come a long way since you started brother!!! PS I might have helped with the counting mumblechatter

  4. The Farm

    Great workout No H! Sorry again for being late but I did it in the best interest of the group. I think I’m going to start leaving a spare set of shorts in my car #youhadtoshowtoknow. Pharaoh definitely contributed to the mumblechatter miscount. I’m not sure what it is about Mary that makes men’s voices crack, but you can be sure the Pax will capitalize on that every time! #boytomanmaker

  5. Skipper

    @NoH – Great job today! Ciabatta is always a good call, and it usually allows for some additional 2nd F since the Pax aren’t counting the whole time. On the other hand, it usually smokes everyone so they have no breath to talk. Today provided both. I still think you should have thanked @Pharaoh with some squirm. #toonice

    @TheFarm – You did the right thing and you are excused for being tardy. That partner exercise would not have been pleasant with you in only tights. #thankfulpartner

    @ManDown – Nice job on the text string EH and fartsack. Who’s idea was Bojangles and did anyone show? #curious

  6. Iron Wolf

    Late to respond but wanted to say that this was a really good workout, @NoH! Great VQ! Since we don’t have a lot of distance to run in the Precinct, the tabata format was really good. Thanks for not making us do any Wacky Jacks ala @ManDown!

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