Get your kicks on Route 66

1.0 Workout led by Skinner

7 faithful 1.0s gathered on a beautiful 25 degree morning for a trip down Route 66


Mosey to the cul-de-sac off of Lake Concord Road

Circle up

§ SSH x 15

§ Imperial storm troopers x 15

§ Arm stretch

§ Arm circles

Mosey back to Lake Concord Road


Route 66 is a trip down the road stopping at each utility pole to do progressively more exercises (first 1, then 2, etc.) up to the eleventh pole.  After doing 11 exercises at the eleventh pole, PAX will have completed 66 repetitions of the exercise.

§ First journey – merkins

§ Second journey – v-ups

§ Third journey – air squats

§ Fourth journey – Jack Webbs – 2 air presses for each merkin

Some time was left, so we hit the closest building for a 1 minute peoples chair and a balls to the wall until Q got tired.
Mosey to Mary

2.0 Workout – led by Cupid

     High Kicks
     High Skips
     SSH 20X
     IST 20X
     Hamstring stretch each side
     Cotton Pickers 15X
     plank jacks 15X
The Thang:
     mosey to campfire
     step ups 10X
     dips 10X
     pretzel curls 20X
     Repeato (all three)
     mosey to hill side
     Jacob’s Ladder
          burpies at bottom (2,4,6,8,10)
          quadromania up hill
          merkins at top (10,8,6,4,2)
     mosey to picnic shelter
     bearcrawl across parking lot (short side)
     lunge back
     Repeato (both)
     Mosey to pullup bars
     assisted pullups 5x


§    Several minutes of plank activities – arms up, leg raises

§ LBCs x 30

§ Reverse crunches x 20


1. Found Route 66 activity reading the F3 lexicon.  Great workout and harder than Q thought it would be.

2. Took Cujo about half of the first journey to realize that, by utility poles, Q meant those tall brown things stuck upright in the ground and holding wires and lights.

3. PAX was expecting burpees but Q threw in Jack Webbs.  Do not tell anyone, but Skinner hates any group of burpees over 5 and will certainly not do 66 when he is Qing.