Spring 2015 Mud Run Pre Blast – REGISTRATION NOW OPEN UNTIL 3/1/15!

It’s that time again…the MUD RUN is coming! YHC will be the Q for F3Nation this year. Your Regional Q’s have been contacted and we are working to get the ball rolling. Most regions have an assigned Mud Run Q for the Fall, the full list should be complete soon. The Ultimate Challenge Mud Run is the F3 Nation “Super Bowl,” only better because it happens twice a year. Our next opportunity is Saturday, April 11th, 2015 at the Leatherneck course near Columbia, SC. We had approximately 500 pax at the Spring 2014 Mud Run, and 600 at the Fall 2014 Mud Run.  The goal for Spring 2015? 700. We can do it. Will you help or hinder us making that goal??

As usual, we have a reserved block of priority F3 starting times with the Mud Run organizers. This next bit is important: Start times: so please PAY ATTENTION:

The TOP 10 FINISHERS of the Fall 2014 Mud Run will have the Top 10 Slots, PROVIDED:

  • Team name must remain the same
  • Team must be comprised of AT LEAST 3 members of Fall 2014 Team
  • Team roster must be submitted by the published deadline

Registration and payment this year will be similar to the Fall Mud Run. TEAMS WILL BE MANAGED BY THE REGIONAL MUD RUN Q! You register as an individual and then coordinate with your Regional Mud Run Q to form your team. DO NOT CONTACT F3MudRun@gmail.com or Quisenberry regarding changes or setting up your Mud Run Team!!!! ONLY your regional MudRun Q.

Registration fees are $55 per person and the deadline is March 1st, 2015.  Registration is considered a “hard commit” with no guarantee of refund should you be unable to compete, even if your slot is filled by a free agent. If you register and cannot meet your commitment, it’s your responsibility to your team and your Region to find a replacement.

Transportation will be arranged by each region as we get closer to April. Bus charter and “sundries” in past years has cost in the $40-$50 per person range. This will be collected separately from the registration fees, and later.

We have decided to continue honoring Operation Enduring Warrior with a donation from F3 Nation. They support wounded soldiers, particularly amputees. If you saw them at the Fall MudRun presentation, it was powerful. Several members of their group compete with prosthetics and one has no legs at all. There will be a block on the registration form to make a donation. $5-$10 per person as an add on is suggested, but feel free to donate more, less, or nothing at all. It’s completely optional. We presented OEW with a Check for $8000 at the Fall Mud Run and we are hoping to make another check presentation at the Spring Mud Run (Goal: $9,000)

Regional MudRun Q’s:

Region Mudrun Q Secondary Mudrun Q
Charlotte Metro Sampler
Charlotte North Jolly Roger
Charlotte South MadameTussaud
Columbia Gypsy
Lake Murray R2D2
Lexington No Show
Greenville MabMab Earthmover
Raleigh/Durham  Duff  Zima
Fort Mill  Tatanka
Charleston  Diopter  FEMA
Hickory  Abraham

Finally, we have set up a dedicated email account for Mud Run issues and coordination. Please use it!




PLEASE NOTE: The event is still on April 11th. “March 1st” is shown on the link to account for the registration deadline.

Email Address for questions/issues: F3MudRun@gmail.com

F3 MudRun Twitter acount: @F3MudRun

Operation Enduring Warrior: http://www.enduringwarrior.org/

USMC Mud Run: http://www.ultimatechallengemudrun.org/

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