Short Little Out and Back

Seven men (and Dixie) stepped into the cool, crisp, gloom, complained about soreness from various workouts, decided to “toughen up” and get to running.  It went a little something like this:

  • Start at Town Hall
  • Straight up Kee Ln, Right at Physicians  Blvd
  • Right on Roberta Rd sidewalk
  • Left at Rocky River Crossing
  • Right down Morehead Rd
  • Left on Carving Tree Dr
  • Right on Boulder Creek Ln
  • Left on Leatherwood Ln, go all the way to the end and turn around
  • Left on Boulder Creek Ln
  • Left on Carving Tree Dr
  • Right up Morehead Rd
  • Left at Rocky River Crossing
  • Right on Roberta Rd sidewalk
  • Left at Physicians  Blvd
  • Left on Kee Ln
  • Stop at Town Hall

My fancy watch said 5.61 miles (

COT/ Warrior One


  1. It was an honor to lead this group of men this morning.  Strong work by all
  2. Shout out to @UnEasyRider for wearing the Warrior Dash Water Buffalo Horns the whole run…that had to get itchy after the first mile or so.
  3. It was great to have @Bull come out. He never fails to amaze me with his physical/mental strength.
  4. We are starting a 5K training program on 2/2 at Hickory Ridge Middle School (meeting every Monday after that until the Harrisburg 5k.)  Let us know you are interested here: No complaints about having to get up after watching the Super Bowl (the extra hour of sleep isn’t going to make you any prettier.)  See you there @Titleist  #AccountabilityCallOut
  5. Speed workouts with @SSMinnow on Friday’s at Hickory Ridge Middle School. In my opinion, the best Post of the week
  6. Community Outreach: Wings of Eagles Ranch ( is a therapeutic horseback riding camp ten miles from Harrisburg in Mt Pleasant. They are starting a new program in March in which they will be hosting weekend retreats for our disabled veterans here in North Carolina. The ranch has some construction related to this new program that is wrapping up at the beginning of March. They are in need of volunteers on two Saturdays, Feb 21 and Feb 28, to provide general labor to help with this construction Types of labor that were mentioned are: painting, cleanup, chainsaw work, tear out stairs, move heavy equipment, etc. Please contact @SSMinnow ( for any questions.


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