Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory… lasts forever

10 faithful gathered on a cold windy Wednesday morning


Mosey around the block and to the top of parking deck

Circle up

§ SSH x 20

§ Mtn climbers x 20

§ Imperial storm troopers x 20

§ Cotton pickers x 15

§ Carolina Dry docks x 15

Partner up

§ 10 patty cakes merkins, KGB twists x 20

§ Using separate mine shafts run to the bottom floor, then switch

§ At the bottom Mtn climbers x 20


Pax managed to get 5-6 runs in

Run back to Coltrane

Modified Cacalacky choo choo

§ Plank up, last man begins Cacalacky choo choo then bear crawl up the hill, run back down


Indian run around the track, last man sprints to the pull up bars – 2 pull ups

Mosey to Mary


§ Brazilians x 15


1. Great turnout for a cold windy day, many thanks to the pax who showed up, always an honor to lead

2. Had 2 visitors from the Raleigh pax, I think they liked what they saw

3. Exit and I still feel awful about dropping the beam, sounds like Skinner will have a pretty badass scar and a good story to go with it.