A shot with a chaser

I swear @The_Nanny said after yesterday’s @Alcatraz VQ-downPAINment that we’d have a surprise or mystery Q for today’s Cruise. Intrigued, YHC and six other faithfuls arrived at 0530 (I’m cutting you a full minute break on that one, @Stoli) for the great unveiling. Yes, it was a surprise… no Q and no @Nanny!

Fortunately, we’ve still got legs, good health and 45 minutes to fill, so let’s run.

The Thang
Various distance options using the basic Run the Creek 5k course, with a one mile firehouse loop prequel:
– Long – add the Fair Vista loop after exiting Beau Vista (~5 miles)
– Medium – add Crown Vista to the basic 5k course (~4.5 miles)
– Short – no adders on the 5k course (~4 miles)

Everyone re-convenes at the parking lot


– BRR – see @Nanny or YHC if interested… we’ll get you trained up. And sorry, but @Stoli has already laid claim to the downhill legs and @Nanny is penciled in for the uphill ones (yes, at his request.)

The Naked Hareskin
– More surprises were in store as around mile 2.5 we’re joined by a ski-masked speedster emerging from the gloom… thinking that the standard Cruise isn’t challenging enough, @The_Nanny decided to spot us a 2:00 head start before chasing us down.
– I think @Stoli had flashbacks of last year’s RtC5k when he went out of the gate strong with Nanny and tried to hold on… but couldn’t quite maintain it. If today’s pace was any indicator, there’s hardware and a podium position in your future, @Stoli.
– @J.Lo was our official time keeper this a.m. Thanks, brother… According to his top-secret Microsoft fitness system powered by Google Fiber…  07:59 first mile, 07:48 second mile… yet we finished out (of course after Nanny comes to kick us all in the tail) with an overall pace of 07:42 per mile. Way to push it, fellas.
– @Gordo was today’s Stoli as he hung strong for the first couple miles… way to keep pushing forward though brother. Good work.
– Kotters to @Filibuster today, but man, you gotta work on your finishing kick. @SearchAndRescue seemed to have quite a bit more in his tank than you did by the end… keep posting with us and let’s resolve that.
– T-claps to @Old_School for his consistency in posting and persistence in finishing. Way to stick with it brother. Love your commitment.
– @Frodo? Frodo? Frodo? Back to back upper body workouts are just too much for you eh? You worked your upper body so hard the past two days that your legs must be tired.
– Strong shout out, @Stoli. Thanks for taking us out before our clothes froze like a popsicle mold.

3 thoughts on “A shot with a chaser

  1. Gordo

    Another good cruise. @Chowder thanks leading us through the maze. I had to push it to not lose visual contact with the brothers in the front.

  2. The Nanny

    @Chowder Glad you filled in as Q for the 2nd week in a row. I overslept and only had 13 minutes to get out of bed and get to the workout. Hence was 2 min late. Note to others: don’t do that – it makes for a very speedy Cruise.

    @Filibuster Been so long since you posted that you probably forgot how to find the F3 Nation website which means I can write whatever I want about you. Good to have you back – and glad to hear you are a soft commit for the BRR. Did I hear you correctly after COT that we will be seeing you on mon, wed, and fri going forward?

    @S&R Good to see you out there getting after it!

    @Stoli Thankfully we will never be in the same age group at the HC5K race. I think you could be dangerous this year.

    @J-lo Enjoyed hearing about the google news this morning.

  3. Nathan Eagle

    BRR is in Sept right? If so there’s a possibility I’d be interested. Not a full commit yet, but at least entertaining it.

    Great run, even though it did feel like I was walking when @Nanny blew by to catch up with the fast pax.

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