Stay Calm and Carry On

It was a warm 30 degree Beat Down for 11 pax in the gloom. Thanks Pax for your presence and support for my virgin Beat Down Q. The Beat Down went something like this….


Mosey To Warn Up Parking Lot

Warm Up
15 Side Straddle Hops
15 Imperial Storm Troopers
15 Cotton pickers

Mosey to Station 1

Station 1
15 Mountain Climbers (15 each leg)
15 Burpbees
15 World War II Sit-ups

Station 2
16 Lunges
15 Prison Squats
15 Carolina Dry Docks

Station 3
15 Little Baby Crunches
15 Dips
15 Derkens

(Each Station x3 then plank)

Mosey to Outback

Outback (partner up)
10 pull ups (Help partner then switch)
Wheel Barrows to the hill (switch partner, wheel barrow back)
Carry partner to hill (switch, carry partner back)

Mosey to Parking Lot

Suicide Sprints (1 set of short, medium and long)

15 Low Flutters
15 LBC’s,
15 Mason Twists



12 thoughts on “Stay Calm and Carry On

  1. BlindDate

    Great job @Guiness. You are a natural Q. Liked that it had a mix of everything but got to say that my favorite was the “burdees”. Missed being out there so this was a good welcome back workout – 1 1/2 weeks away felt like a very long time.

  2. Guinness Post author

    Thanks Pharaoh. Now, that I got that out of the way, I can be a regular Q on the schedule. I just had to get over the hump.

  3. Guinness Post author

    Thanks, @BlindDate and welcome back. Yeah, it takes more time, it seems, to get in shape than to get out of shape. Glad you are back!

  4. Dutch

    Great Q GUINNESS. Worth every penny of admission. 2nd and 3rd Pain stations were helpful to help me forget the burbee beatdown. Hope to see u at the lead again soon!

  5. Chicken Strip

    Great workout @ Guinness! The stations were great and the workout at the Outback was tough. There was almost a mutiny before heading to the Outback and I think if we knew what was in store we would’ve actually rebelled. Like @Forgotten Jelly said good job dealing with the mumble chatter too!

    Good to have you back @Blind Date!

  6. The Farm

    Those burbees were the worst! Great beat down Guinness. I’m still not sure what that cinderblock was for. Also, I think the Q made a trip to Kinkos before the beat down with those laminated signs!

  7. Guinness Post author

    Thanks @Forgotten Jelly, @Dutch, @Chicken Strip, @The Farm! You pax took it easy on me with the mumble chatter. My strategy – Stay Calm. Glad you liked the Burbees.

  8. Icicle

    Seems like i missed a good one @Guiness I’ll be looking for your next one I think personally that the vq best downs should be on a different day if someone else is a vq so that way I can come to.both

  9. Maximus_MECA

    Great q Guiness. Very well-prepared. Made best use of time. Very organized. Lots of variety. excellent workout. I agree well worth the price of admission and lastly Guiness public acknowledgment and thank you for introducing me to F3 last summer!!!

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