“Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s ????????”

10 of the Harrisburg communities finest braved the 26 degree temperature, dealt with the starry dawn of the day, made their way to “The Ridge” for some fun and body good.  The ground was soft, the shovel flag was planted, and off we went!


Mosey in lot, butt kickers, side to side left, side to side right, slight jog to circle up.  Disclaimer made perfectly clear that I am in no way an expert, if someone were to get hurt, we would not leave them behind and would probably call for an ambulance or drive one to a hospital if need be. SSH x27, Slow Windmills x 15, IST x 20, and Burpees x 10 (on your own)  It is then made clear to all that we ARE going to get 100 Burpees in this morning (I’m still stewing from my last Q two months ago when we only got 90 in)

The Thang:

Jailbreak to lot near entrance to baseball and softball fields. Once there, it is at this time that about 5 or 6 of the grown? F3’ers take it upon themselves to engage in very intense stargazing.  What do you see up there in the north, I don’t know, Is it a bird?, naaaaaa,  a plane?, naaaaaaa, spaceship?, space shuttle, ………..  Minnow instructed us on fact that he heard that we may be able to see a NASA something out there on this starry night.  First time in a year plus of F3ing that I have seen our “kids” at heart men set up a group “recover” to stargaze.  Classic! After doing my best to get the PAX back under control, Burpees x 10.

Indian Run to back of HiRHS by driving range, Burpees x 10, LBC x 27.

Jailbreak to loading docks of HiRHSS.  Break out into 2 groups of 5, Walking lunge up ramps, jog to beginning of ramp, Burpees x 5, Walking lunge up ramp, Burpees x 5, W x 20.

Mosey to HiRHS sign, Burpees x 10.

Indian Run to HiRMS lot between baseball and softball fields.  Burpees x 10, Reverse Crunch X 20.

Mosey to HiRMS track, Burpees x 10, 100 meter plus backwards sprint; Burpees x 10, LBC x 20; 100 meter sprint; Burpees X 10, WW2 sit-ups X 10.

Reverse Indian Run back to HiRHS sign, Burpees x 10.

Mosey to base of hill, Air Squats x 10, sprint up hill, Burpees x 5, sprint down hill, Air Squats x 20, jailbreak back to flag for Mary, Burpees x 5. Plank, Squirm x 27, LBC x 20, Burpees x 5.



1. Truly enjoy the opportunity to lead such a great group on men on this brisk but pro F3 weather early morning.  Again, if you haven’t had a Q yet, please step up…………if I can do it, anyone can!

2. If anyone has additional info on what was in the sky this morning, please let us know.  The suspense is killing me.

3. Great job by all avoiding getting run over by Jamie H. of HiRHS’s maintenance staff when we were busting it in the loading dock area. Long term goal is to get a staff member or 2 to join us some day.

4.  Everyone feeling ok today after an overabundance of school bus fumes inhaling?

5. Missed seeing BBQ this morning.  30 years young for just a day and already taking workouts off?  Hope it was a great party!

6. Keep Starsky in your thoughts.  Elbow surgery tomorrow.  Look forward to his healing well and seeing him out here with us again sooner than later.

7. We made the Burpee goal!!!  125 for those keeping track.  Great job all!!!!

8. “Look In The Mirror…………That’s Your Competition”


5 thoughts on ““Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s ????????”

  1. SoloCup

    Great Job today. I would swear that we got 125 Burpees in today…need to go back and check your Wienke.

  2. RibShack

    Good Q @Casper, I liked the stops in between then something different each time. Who knew different = burbees every stop?!? Probably almost looked as good on paper I’m sure.

    1. RibShack

      If I had actually done all 125 I’d toot my horn but I pulled a @Deuce & joined him on the highly modified Merican/Squat/1″ vertical jump/LBC/Reverse Crunch thingie that passed for a mere burbee. Now that I wrote it all out I’m thinking we should have just done the dang burpees!

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