11 PAX in the Prison Yard Gloom

.11 PAX made it out for a beat down in the gloom.


  • Side-straddle Hop
  • Imperial Storm Troopers
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Slow Squat
  • Freddie Mercury


Magellan –¬†Running a loop and doing exercises at different points. I stole the name from @Pharaoh.

  • Merkin’s Magellan¬†x 10 @ each corner
  • Jump Squats Magellan x 10 @ each corner
  • Wall-ups/Muscle-ups x 15, LBC’s x 15
  • Wall-ups/Muscle-ups x 10, WWII sit-up’s x 10
  • Wall-ups/Muscle-ups x 5, WWII sit-up’s x 5
  • Decline Merkins on the wall x 7 (in cadence)

At the playground (We need a better name)

  • Hanging Knees to chest with oblique bend x 10 (2 sets) – PAX planks while waiting

I made the rest of this up as I went

  • Sprints (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
  • Diamond Merkins x 10
  • Wide Merkins x 10 (In cadence)
  • Squats (in cadence)



6 thoughts on “11 PAX in the Prison Yard Gloom

  1. Skipper

    @IronWolf – Thanks for the lead this AM, you kept us warm the whole time!

    Welcome FNG @Moonshine!

    @Pax – Don’t be afraid of the cold. Wear some gloves and layers. #outofthefartsack

    1. The Farm

      I was thinking about this today. A year ago, I was fighting Moses’ EH attempts by telling him it’s too cold and too early to work out. A year later, I am used to the colder temps and getting nervous about working out in the summer heat again!

  2. Man Down

    Nice job @Iron Wolf…great first Bootcamp Q! Way to improv with the sprints and extra Prison Yard work.
    @Field of Dreams – You’re getting stronger!
    @Moonshine – Welcome to the gloom!

  3. Prison Fruit

    Ahhh @ironwolf sorry I missed your First Bootcamp Beatdown! I’m trying to recover from, I don’t know what’s wrong with my knee yet… but trying to do the resting thing now. Looking forward to getting back out there with you boys as soon possible!
    @fieldofdreams-love to see your continuous posts each bootcamp! You’re a regular now!
    @moonshine- welcome! and you better share some, if you got some, just not before a beatdown!

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